Chinese MMA Fighter Who Beats ‘Fake’ Kung Fu Masters is Now Criticizing Bruce Lee

Chinese MMA Fighter Who Beats ‘Fake’ Kung Fu Masters is Now Criticizing Bruce LeeChinese MMA Fighter Who Beats ‘Fake’ Kung Fu Masters is Now Criticizing Bruce Lee
Bryan Ke
February 12, 2019
Xu Xiaodong also known as “Mad Dog,” the famous Chinese Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) who likes to take down “fake” Kung Fu masters, has expressed criticism towards one of Bruce Lee’s most famous videos, saying it was just “a performance.”
Xiaodong made the comment in a 20 minute video posted by Chinese YouTube channel City Fighting in December. In the video, the 39-year-old fighter critiques Lee’s famous sparring session during the inaugural Long Beach International Karate Championships in 1964, according to South China Morning Post.
I say whatever I want and everyone hates me. Everyone wants to fight me so I don’t care,” Xu said as translated by YouTube channel Fight Commentary Breakdowns. “It’s a performance, a demonstration, it doesn’t show any real combat abilities, everyone use your brain and think about it.”
The clip in question is the ever-famous demonstration where Lee showed to the world his martial arts skill by fighting against his former student – and eventual best friend – Taky Kimura while blindfolded. This was before his rise to fame in the movie industry and before landing the role of Kato in the “Green Hornet” television series, SCMP reported.
They weren’t hitting each other in the head, they were just sparring. Kimura is a student and his friend, he’s written a book about Lee,” Xu said, referring to Kimura’s book “Regards from the Dragon: Seattle.”
“If Bruce Lee were my sensei or my master, I would describe him very well too, I would make him look good. This is not Bruce Lee’s actual fight experience, it’s just a demonstration.”
In addition to the blindfolded demonstration, Lee also showed his ever-famous one-inch punch and how he was able to snatch a coin out of a supposed karate champion’s hand before he could close it. Xu, however, did not the find the coin demonstration to be that noteworthy.
“That’s not fast, really is it that unimaginable?”
He was also skeptic about Lee’s opponent in the demonstration. When you look at Bruce Lee sparring footage, look at who he’s fighting, what kind of qualification the person has, you have to understand that,” Xu said.
He also brought up the fight that he had with tai chi master Wei Lei back in 2017 where the latter claimed that he could “break the inside of a watermelon without damaging the rind.”
I’m just talking realism, you can talk bad about me,” he said.
Featured image screenshots (left) via YouTube / Movieclips (left) and 拳城出击 (right)
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