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KFC China forced to sell chicken feet due to inflation

  • KFC stores in China have reportedly begun selling chicken feet, giving customers a new finger-lickin’ experience.
  • Instead of as a response to calls to add chicken feet to the menu, the new offering comes as a consequence of inflation, according to CNN Business.
  • Skyrocketing oil and food prices have raised costs for businesses in China, which are only starting to bounce from the impact of recent COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • Aside from chicken feet, the chain started offering chicken wing tips, sparing only the head and feathers.

KFC stores in China have reportedly begun selling chicken feet, giving customers a new finger-lickin’ experience.

The move, however, is not a response to long-time calls to bring the traditional Chinese delicacy to the fast-food chain’s menu. Instead, the new offering comes as a consequence of inflation, according to CNN Business.

Hi-Chew bids farewell to its green apple flavor after 40 years

  • The Japanese candy Hi-Chew is retiring its green apple flavor, which was first introduced in 1982.
  • Morinaga, the company behind the candy, announced on Tuesday that the production of green apple Hi-Chew will conclude at the end of August.
  • The company released a humorous goodbye video in honor of the iconic flavor.

Morinaga, the company behind the popular Japanese candy Hi-Chew, announced on Tuesday that its iconic green apple flavor would be retiring.

The 12-piece green apple Hi-Chew pack was first introduced in 1982, and after 40 years will be retired due to Morinaga’s focus on new flavor lineups and varieties. Production for solo packs of the green apple flavor will conclude at the end of August, according to the company. 

11-year-old boy in China helps single dad run food stand for 17 hours a day

  • An 11-year-old boy in eastern China has gone viral for spending up to 17 hours a day helping his single father run three food stands during summer break.
  • While his father prepares the food in the kitchen, the boy makes sales.
  • Although he enjoys having fun with friends, the boy stated that helping his father was his only option as “my dad must be much more tired than me.”
  • He typically works from 7 or 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. or midnight.

To help his single father during summer break, an 11-year-old boy dedicates up to 17 hours a day helping run multiple food stands in eastern China. 

The boy, who resides in Zaozhuang city, Shandong province, has been spending his summer break helping his father run three food stands from early in the morning to late at night. While his father cooks, the boy sells various food items, including shredded pancakes, soy sauce pancakes and porridges, reported Henan Broadcasting System.

‘Literally so good’: Team USA snowboarder hails Winter Olympics Chinese food as ‘the best’

tessa maud
  • Team USA snowboarder Tessa Maud described the food at the Beijing Winter Games as “the best” amid complaints about the dining experience in the Olympics bubble from other athletes.
  • The 18-year-old said she has had a positive culinary experience and has been trying out different Chinese cuisines.
  • A TikTok video posted by Maud shows the variety of food options she was given at one of the Olympic bubble restaurants.

Amid recent complaints about the food options available within the Beijing Winter Olympics bubble and quarantine hotels, Team USA snowboarder Tessa Maud has praised her Olympics dining experience as nothing but “the best.”

Maud told Insider that she hasn’t been “finding any issues” and even stated that the meals she has had at the Winter Olympics are “the best Chinese food [she has] ever eaten.”

Family-owned Vietnamese restaurant told to vacate San Francisco spot after being there nearly 40 years

sais vietnamese
  • Owners of Sai’s Vietnamese restaurant were shocked to learn late last month that their lease for their space at 505 Washington St. will no longer be renewed.
  • SHVO, the company that owns the building, gave the restaurant until Feb. 28 to vacate the location.
  • The family-owned restaurant, which has been serving the local community for nearly 40 years, is concerned about the potential loss of livelihood for its employees.
  • The restaurant’s request for an extension has been denied due to redevelopment work reportedly planned for the property.
  • The family behind the restaurant has set up a GoFundMe page to help them with the cost of finding a new location.

A family-owned Vietnamese restaurant that has served the local community in San Francisco’s Financial District for nearly four decades is at risk of losing its space.

SHVO, the company that owns the building, told the owners of Sai’s Vietnamese restaurant last week that the lease for their spot on Washington St. will no longer be renewed, reported KRON4.

How eating disorder recovery plans aren’t accommodating of cultural foods

eating disorder

Trigger warning: This article discusses eating disorders.

The only food Lauren Kim really wanted to eat during her eating disorder was Korean food. Her relationship with the cuisine had been complex since she was 5 years old. Her fellow students’ comments on her lunches made her feel different, so she would ask her mother for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of bulgogi. Years later, homesick at college and grappling with newly raised questions about race and identity, Korean food was all she wanted to eat. 

Wife receives outpouring of Reddit support after her ‘American’ husband trashed her ‘horrible’ Asian food

reddit wife asian food american husband

An Asian woman recently opened up on Reddit that she is no longer cooking for her husband after he threw away the Asian dishes that she prepared for her visiting family. 

Who’s the A: Redditor Throwar563577 received overwhelming support from other users after posting a story titled, ”AITA for refusing to cook for my husband after he threw away all the food I prepared for my family?” in the subreddit /AmItheA**hole on Oct. 31.

The world’s most expensive McDonald’s menu item costs $27.19

McDonald's meals

In countless countries around the world, McDonald’s is a go-to option for a quick, affordable meal. A recent study, however, has pinpointed the places where you can find McDonald’s items that have costs falling on the extreme ends between $0.48 and $21.89.

Worth a fortune: According to a recent study by Expensivity, the world’s most expensive McDonald’s item is Lebanon’s Grand Chicken Special ($27.19).

Japanese scientists want to make lab-grown wagyu affordable to the masses within five years

wagyu lab grown

Japanese scientists have successfully recreated Wagyu beef — complete with its distinctive fat marbling — in a laboratory using 3D printer technology. 

Quest for cheaper Wagyu: Osaka University researchers used 3-D bioprinters to reproduce Japan’s famous steak, paving the way for a much more affordable variety of the expensive steak, reported Reuters

Vanilla ice cream with spicy chili oil — uncovering the origins of a viral TikTok dessert

chili oil ice cream

We’ve seen watermelon with mustard, sugary cucumbers and even sushi pizza. But what about ice cream with chili oil? This viral TikTok dessert isn’t something you can easily find at a nearby grocery store, so people are sharing ways to recreate this surprisingly delicious dessert at home. 

Origins: Before catching the attention of millions of netizens worldwide, this sundae was first consumed in China.

10 unique Asian treats to try out in celebration of National Dessert Day

dessert unique

What do you think of when someone says “dessert?” From cold, sickeningly sweet treats on a scorching summer day to warm pastries with the perfect texture, there’s bound to be a dessert for everyone. Here at NextShark, we’ve compiled the tastiest desserts we’ve written about to celebrate a holiday all dessert lovers should know: National Dessert Day. Here’s what we recommend checking out:

1. Ice Cream

This Yakult soft-serve, this Indomie Goreng-flavored ice cream, this dessert that looks like a katana and this Strawberry Supreme sundae are some ice creams that we recommend. Just be careful if you look through your parents’ freezer for a quick fix — that tub of ice cream might have frozen spaghetti inside.

Michelin star chef is accused of plagiarizing a Singaporean nonya’s recipes and personal stories in cookbook

plagiarism in cookbook

A British Singaporean-born Michelin star chef is in hot water after a writer accused her of plagiarizing her cookbook.

The accuser: On Oct. 6, Singaporean and New York-based author Sharon Wee blasted out a statement across her social media platforms accusing Elizabeth Haigh’s debut 2021 cookbook “Makan: Recipes from the Heart of Singapore” of having striking similarities in recipes, personal family anecdotes and memories to her 2012 cookbook, “Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen.”