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Vanilla ice cream with spicy chili oil — uncovering the origins of a viral TikTok dessert

chili oil ice cream

We’ve seen watermelon with mustard, sugary cucumbers and even sushi pizza. But what about ice cream with chili oil? This viral TikTok dessert isn’t something you can easily find at a nearby grocery store, so people are sharing ways to recreate this surprisingly delicious dessert at home. 

Origins: Before catching the attention of millions of netizens worldwide, this sundae was first consumed in China.

10 unique Asian treats to try out in celebration of National Dessert Day

dessert unique

What do you think of when someone says “dessert?” From cold, sickeningly sweet treats on a scorching summer day to warm pastries with the perfect texture, there’s bound to be a dessert for everyone. Here at NextShark, we’ve compiled the tastiest desserts we’ve written about to celebrate a holiday all dessert lovers should know: National Dessert Day. Here’s what we recommend checking out:

1. Ice Cream

This Yakult soft-serve, this Indomie Goreng-flavored ice cream, this dessert that looks like a katana and this Strawberry Supreme sundae are some ice creams that we recommend. Just be careful if you look through your parents’ freezer for a quick fix — that tub of ice cream might have frozen spaghetti inside.

Michelin star chef is accused of plagiarizing a Singaporean nonya’s recipes and personal stories in cookbook

plagiarism in cookbook

A British Singaporean-born Michelin star chef is in hot water after a writer accused her of plagiarizing her cookbook.

The accuser: On Oct. 6, Singaporean and New York-based author Sharon Wee blasted out a statement across her social media platforms accusing Elizabeth Haigh’s debut 2021 cookbook “Makan: Recipes from the Heart of Singapore” of having striking similarities in recipes, personal family anecdotes and memories to her 2012 cookbook, “Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen.”

Restaurant that employs disabled workers posts pictures of empty tables online in plea for help

Dignity Kitchen receives support

On Tuesday, diners from all walks of life flocked to Dignity Kitchen, an eatery in Boon Keng, Singapore, to show their support as the business struggles to attract diners amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call for help: Dignity Kitchen, a restaurant which aims to employ people with disabilities, posted a series of pictures showing their empty food court on Monday, according to AsiaOne. “Once again empty tables at Dignity Kitchen,” the establishment said in the caption.

The TikTok food trend that fuses sushi and pizza and was created by a Japanese chef in Toronto

sushi pizza new tiktok trend

From watermelon with mustard to cucumbers with sugar, TikTok has brought us several food combinations that evoke intrigue, suspicion and a sprinkle of apprehension. But sushi pizza, TikTok’s latest food trend, is something we couldn’t possibly refuse. 

How do I make it?: Before you add store-bought dough to your shopping cart, know that sushi pizza doesn’t use the traditional base of flour and yeast. Instead, you’ll have to cook a sushi rice patty mixed with some rice vinegar, according to In the Know.

‘Please forgive me’: Customers show love to taiyaki maker who admitted to putting ‘less filling’ in his products

taiyaki store gets support

Customers started pouring in to a store selling a traditional Japanese pastry known as “taiyaki” after its owner admitted to putting in less filling and had offered a sincere apology online. 

Heartfelt message to customers: Junya Hashimoto, the 45-year-old owner of “Taiyaki no Bunfukuya,” took to social media to apologize to buyers after he was forced to reduce the amount of filling in his pastries, reported SoraNews24

Why do Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays? The answer ‘whale’ surprise you

miyeokguk tradition

It’s a feeling many Koreans might understand — walking into the kitchen on the morning of your birthday only to be hit by the smell of  briny ocean air. Brewing on the stove is a pot of miyeokguk, or seaweed (miyeok) soup (guk), made with the slippery brown seaweed one might recognize washed ashore at the beach. Regardless of how you feel about the taste, that same slippery goodness will often accompany your celebratory day. But where does this Korean tradition come from? 

Birthday miyeokguk stems from another Korean tradition of new mothers eating the soup to aid in postpartum recovery. For the first few months after childbirth, Korean women will often consume the dish for up to several meals per day for its nutritional benefits — and how that tradition originated is where it gets interesting. 

Chinese school principal fighting food waste by eating students’ leftovers is all our Asian moms

China principal eats leftovers

A private school principal in China is gaining attention for his controversial method of warning his students against food waste — by eating their leftovers. 

The situation: Principal Wang Yongxin, from a secondary school in Qiyang, Hunan province, is seen in a viral video standing near the school’s cafeteria with a pair of chopsticks, ready to stop them from throwing away their meals. 

New ‘Pokémon’ Oreos challenges trainers to collect them all, including an ‘extremely’ rare Mew

Oreos and pokemon

Oreo has finally unveiled its limited-edition cookie collaboration with Nintendo’s “Pokémon” franchise following months of teasers.

Gotta catch ‘em all: Announced through a YouTube video on Wednesday, the collectibles will feature 16 cookies embossed with iconic “Pokémon” characters, such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, according to GeekWire.