McDonald’s Singapore promotes ‘Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry sandwich hack’

McDonald’s Singapore promotes ‘Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry sandwich hack’
via @mcdsg, @arvanfamily
Isa Peralta
June 8, 2023
McDonald’s Singapore is jumping on the latest viral food trend by giving away free food for customers to make “Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry sandwiches.”
The details: On Thursday, McDonald’s Singapore posted about the “Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry sandwich hack.”
“Hack yeah!” the fast food chain wrote above a picture of Oreo ice cream stuffed between two pieces of hash browns.
In the post’s caption, McDonald’s Singapore wrote that anyone who visits its NTU and Temasek Poly branches between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Friday can avail of the free food: “Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. We’re bringing this viral McDonald’s hack from Australia (thank you, @kellyarvan_) to Singapore! … Limited to the first 50 redemptions per location.”
How it all started: The hack, which reportedly originated in Australia, went viral last month after TikToker Kelly Arvan of the TikTok account @arvanfamily told her followers about it.
In a May 21 post, Arvan can be seen making the sandwich before biting into it and doing a happy dance while in her car. Her now-viral video has garnered over 6.1 million views and more than 608,000 likes.
“Last night I was in bed and I was craving this … I dreamt about this,” she can be heard saying. “I guess that’s what fast food giants do, they have these irresistible items that we crave to put together.”
Reactions: Several TikTok users commented on Arvan’s video, eager to try the hack themselves.
“I now NEED this,” one user wrote, while another declared, “You neeeed to try this with caramel sauce too.”
“The little dance, you already know it was amazing,” another user said.

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