Pizza Hut Japan introduces ‘Wiener Coffee Pizza’

Pizza Hut Japan introduces ‘Wiener Coffee Pizza’Pizza Hut Japan introduces ‘Wiener Coffee Pizza’
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June 5, 2023
Pizza Hut Japan recently released an eyebrow-raising pizza that combines sausages and coffee.
On May 26, the fast-food pizza chain first announced its new product called “Wiener Coffee Pizza.”
The new pizza was inspired by wordplay.
In Japan, Viennese sausages are commonly known as “wieners” since the Japanese word for “Viennese” is “wiener.” However, this can lead to confusion when it comes to Viennese coffee, which ends up being called “wiener coffee.”
Pizza Hut Japan created its new pizza with the phrases “wiener coffee” and “sausage coffee” in mind.
via PR Times
The new “Wiener Coffee Pizza” features a crust filled with sausages and a base of coffee sauce and cream cheese.
It also comes with a whipped cream topping that customers can pipe onto the pizza since Viennese coffee typically includes whipped cream on top.
via PR Times
The limited-time medium-sized pizza will be available throughout Japan until June 14.
Those interested in trying it can expect to pay 2,500 Japanese yen (approximately $19) when dining in and 2,800 Japanese yen (approximately $21) when ordering for delivery.
The controversial product is the latest unique flavor launched by Pizza Hut in Asia.
Pizza Hut has previously released a cilantro pizza; a chocolate-crusted pie topped with Oreos, popcorn chicken and calamari; a dim sum pizza; a tonkotsu ramen pizza; a durian, mango and cheese pizza; and a pig’s blood-topped pizza with cilantro and intestines.

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