Video: Man eats 3-course meal with rice while riding Chinese subway

Video: Man eats 3-course meal with rice while riding Chinese subwayVideo: Man eats 3-course meal with rice while riding Chinese subway
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A man who was filmed eating a three-course meal while riding a busy train has sparked several discussions on Chinese social media.
About the video: The clip, which has been widely shared on Douyin, shows the man preparing what seems to be three containers of different dishes and a bowl of rice on a subway seat as other passengers crowd around him. The man can then be seen eating his food without a care in the world.
Key details: The incident was reportedly filmed on a train in the Suzhou subway system in China’s Jiangsu province on June 18, according to Mengma News as per South China Morning Post.
Although eating and drinking are not allowed on the train, an employee of the subway system noted that no one was patrolling Metro Line 11 on the day the man was filmed as they were reportedly running a trial operation that gave passengers a free ride.
The employee also said that passengers could report any unlawful behavior to their customer service hotline, which would then be met with a response from management, who would likely send someone over to address the issue.
What people are saying: The incident, which reportedly went viral on Douyin with over 4 million views, sparked several online discussions, with some people criticizing the man for eating while riding a busy train.
He really turned the subway train into his own restaurant,” one Douyin user wrote.
Other Chinese social media users were reportedly more understanding of the man’s actions, with one user writing, “Maybe he had a tight schedule, or maybe he hadn’t eaten for a long time. Although his behavior is not civilized, our society should show more tolerance.”

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