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Sorry in advance: Mother and child in China pass out earplugs and candy on plane to fellow passengers before takeoff

mom and toddler handout notes

To apologize in advance for any noise her toddler may make during a flight, a Chinese mother and her 20-month-old son handed out 100 gift bags containing candy and ear plugs to passengers.

The mother, surnamed Wang, and her son, who reside in Jilin province of northeastern China, have gone viral for a video on Weibo showing the two handing out goody bags during the flight. Wang prepared the gift bags prior to their departure from Taiyuan, Shanxi province in northern China. 

An Air India flight attendant is winning hearts for how he handled a crying baby mid-flight

  • Air India flight attendant Neil Malkam earned online praise for consoling a crying toddler mid-flight.
  • The child’s father, Jeevan Venkatesh, uploaded a video on Instagram that shows Malkam carrying the young girl down the aisle of the plane. 
  • “Really appreciate the sweet gesture of a staff, It was a surprise when my daughter felt comfort lying in the stewards shoulder, thanks to him,” the appreciative father wrote. “Lots of changes in this trip after Tatas takeover.”
  • Instagram users  lauded the employee for his kindness, while others pointed out that he still helped out even though he was not obligated to.
  • Venkatesh’s video has already garnered over 3.1 million views and 228,300 likes.

An Air India flight attendant is winning hearts online for consoling a crying toddler mid-flight.

Uploaded by the child’s father, Jeevan Venkatesh, on Aug. 7, the now-viral Instagram video shows flight attendant Neil Malkam going beyond his duties to ensure everyone has a peaceful flight. 

US cancels 44 flights to China after China cancels 44 flights to US

  • The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) cancelled 44 China bound flights operated by Chinese carriers that were planned between Jan. 30 to the end of March.
  • The move was made “in response” to China’s previous suspension of 44 U.S. bound flights by American carriers.
  • The spat can be traced back to a Chinese policy that requires two to four week suspensions of airline routes whose passengers test positive for COVID-19 upon arriving in China.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) on Friday announced its suspension of 44 China bound flights operated by Chinese carriers from Jan. 30 to the end of March, matching 44 previous cancellations of U.S. bound flights by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

The restrictions will be placed on Air China Ltd., China Eastern Airlines Corp., China Southern Airlines Co. and Xiamen Airlines Co. Most of the suspended flights are from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), as per Routes.