Passengers Become a Couple After Holding Hands During Scary Flight

Passengers Become a Couple After Holding Hands During Scary FlightPassengers Become a Couple After Holding Hands During Scary Flight
A man from Taiwan and a woman from mainland China ended up becoming a couple after crossing paths on a flight that forced them to hold each other’s hands due to some turbulence.
The man, identified as Xu Zhewei, took to Facebook to share photos from his life-changing trip on July 3, sparking hope for netizens who believe in destiny.
Image via Facebook / @zhe.wei.33886
According to Xu, he boarded the flight to his home of Taiwan after getting fired from his job.
Before boarding the plane, he noticed a petite woman running around with a very big bag.
What he dismissed as a petty observation, however, became interesting when he realized that they were sitting in the same row.
Shortly, the woman asked for his help to put her luggage in the overhead compartment.
Ya and Liu originally sat a seat apart. Image via Facebook / @zhe.wei.33886
The two passengers originally sat a seat apart, but after their brief interaction, the woman, named Liu Yudan, moved next to him and even offered some cherries.
From there, their conversation began.
“Are you a traveler?” Xu started. “Where are you going?”
Liu replied that she was traveling to Taipei, where Xu was also headed. “Oh, then let’s go together!” he exclaimed.
The pair ended up dating after the flight. Image via Facebook / @zhe.wei.33886
The pair peacefully went on with their exchange — until the plane started swaying.
“I felt something and turned to look at her,” Xu said. “She seemed to feel something too.”
Liu, who said that she was tired, put on her sleeping mask and laid back to take a nap.
In one photo, she is then seen leaning on Xu’s shoulder.
Liu leans on Xu’s shoulder. Image via Facebook / @zhe.wei.33886
The turbulence, which presumably lasted for minutes, forced the pair to get closer.
“I began to feel the impact and bumps of the airflow. I grabbed her hand and said, ‘It’s okay, it’s safe.’ I don’t know why I suddenly wanted to protect her,” Xu recalled.
Xu and Liu hold hands amid the turbulence. Image via Facebook / @zhe.wei.33886
Thankfully, the flight managed to land safely. From there, they started to travel around together — Xu helped Liu get a leisure card, a 7-11 drink and an MRT ride.
“The two of us have clearly known each other for only a day, but it’s like we’ve known each other for years,” Xu said.
And just like in fairy tales, Xu and Liu became a couple.
They soon changed their relationship status on Facebook.
Xu and Liu declare their relationship on Facebook. Image via Facebook / @zhe.wei.33886
The couple’s story has since gone viral, raking in thousands of likes and shares!
Netizens expressed amazement and support:
“This is actually fate.”
“I feel so inspired and now I want to fly.”
“I hope I get to sit next to a man when I fly.”
“This is hard to believe but I’m happy for them.”
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