Corgis fly business class from SF to Singapore

Corgis fly business class from SF to SingaporeCorgis fly business class from SF to Singapore
Two corgis had the trip of a lifetime aboard a Singapore Airlines business class flight from San Francisco to Singapore.
The pets, named Mindy and Peanut, “mostly just slept and cuddled” throughout the approximately 17-hour flight, according to their owner, Tommy Suriwong, in a Nov. 20 Facebook post.
Suriwong explained that he and his partner relocated from San Francisco to Thailand, which is why they brought Mindy and Peanut with them on their flight. The corgis accompanied Suriwong and his partner as emotional support dogs. According to Mothership, additional seats were not purchased for the pets.
To prepare the pets for the flight, the couple needed to train them around a month in advance. 
“We modified their feeding and water schedule about a month in advance so they’d be basically take their final poddy right before we left for the airport,” Suriwong wrote in part. “Our older dog, had an accident as we got off the jetway in Singapore but it was ok since we had pee pads, poop bags, and baby wipes at the ready.”
“We had them sleep at home listening to an airplane sounds video on YouTube for several nights before our flight so they wouldn’t be as surprised by the noises,” Suriwong added. “We had a surround sound system so it sounded quite realistic. Didn’t seem to bother them and they slept soundly every night.
The pet owner also mentioned that he and his partner took their dogs to the airport “a few weeks before [the flight] to meet the ground crew, Clear checkpoint people, and TSA agents who would be working around the time we would be checking in the upcoming Tuesday night of our flight.”
According to Suriwong, the ground crew took selfies with Mindy and Peanut, cuddled them and gave them “the celebrity treatment.”
Featured Image via Tatiana LM (representation only)
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