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Panda Express worker’s viral TikTok roast of early morning customers has fast-food employees chiming in

panda express
  • A 15-second video posted to TikTok by @isaiahafk shows a Panda Express worker expressing his dismay at the chain’s early-morning customers.
  • While many in the video’s comments section offered up their arguments as to why some might want to purchase orange chicken at 10 a.m., others empathized with the poster’s sentiment and shared their own experiences of working in the food industry.

A Panda Express worker took to TikTok to express his dismay at the chain’s early-morning customers.

The 15-second video posted by @isaiahafk shows him wearing a black Panda Express apron and matching hat while pointing to the sizzling American Chinese food as he rants, “Bro, people really coming to Panda Express at 10:00 a.m. for some of this. Like really? Sometimes, they come at 7:00, 6:00, doing shit early in the morning. How are you going to wake up and want some orange chicken?”

China calls for boycott of KFC due to customers’ ‘irrational and excessive’ purchases

KFC Toy Collaboration
  • Following a successful meal toy promotion with the Chinese toy company Pop Mart, KFC is facing backlash and calls for a boycott in China.
  • Reports suggested some consumers bought hundreds of dollars’ worth of the meals to acquire the limited-edition collectibles but threw away the accompanying food.
  • The Chinese Consumers Association Chinese state media called for a boycott, saying the collaboration was causing “irrational and excessive” purchases.

The Chinese Consumers Association (CCA) and Chinese state media is calling for a boycott of KFC after a collaboration with the Chinese toy company Pop Mart allegedly drove customers to waste food while attempting to acquire the collectible toys.

The collaboration between Pop Mart and KFC launched last week to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first KFC franchise in China. The promotion offers customers one of six limited-edition dolls with the purchase of certain meal sets. 

Louisiana-style vs. Korean fried chicken: Popeyes plans to open hundreds of locations in South Korea

South Korea Popeyes
  • American fast food chain Popeyes, known for its “Louisiana-style” fried chicken, has signed an agreement to re-open hundreds of locations in South Korea.
  • Popeyes previously closed all South Korean locations in 2020 after failing to find a buyer in the country.
  • The first locations under the new agreement are planned to open in 2022.

The American fast food chain Popeyes plans to open hundreds of locations across South Korea after reaching an agreement with Silla Co., Ltd (Silla Group). 

Through the official master franchise agreement reached Jan. 4, the restaurant will begin opening new locations this year throughout South Korea. Popeyes’ parent company, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), has plans to build hundreds of locations around the country.

Asians Eat Less Fast Food Than the Rest of America, Study Finds

Asian Americans, known to have genes that make them crave unhealthy food, consume fast food the least among all ethnic groups in the United States on any given day, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Only 30.6% of Asian American adults consumed fast food between 2013 and 2016 on a single day, behind African Americans (42.4%), Caucasians (37.6%) and Hispanics (35.5%).