Man gets Jollibee tomb in memory of his love for Chicken Joy

Man gets Jollibee tomb in memory of his love for Chicken Joy
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 3, 2022
A family in the Philippines honored their late patriarch this year by painting his tomb with the colors, logo and mascot of his favorite fast-food chain, Jollibee.  
In preparation for All Saints’ Day in the Philippines, it has become an annual tradition for the Relleve family to paint the tomb of the late Jose Reodique Relleve with colorful murals that include elements of things he liked while he was still alive. 
According to his daughter Angelle Roa Relleve, the Relleve family chose to feature Jollibee this year.
“When we were still kids, every Sunday, our father always cooked fried chicken for our lunch, which he fondly called Jollibee, even though there was no food chain in our province during the early 90s,” Angelle wrote in a Facebook post on Oct. 27. “That’s the reason why my two siblings and I called fried chicken Jollibee during our younger age.”
The fascination with the brand stuck with the family after a Jollibee branch finally opened near their home. 
“Upon opening the first branch of the food chain Jollibee in the mid-90s in Legazpi City near the St. Gregory Cathedral, we were overjoyed as we experienced and tasted Chicken Joy for the first time with the family,” Angelle wrote. “When my brother and sister, who were living and working in Manila, came back home, Papa always asked them to treat us at Jollibee.”
To create the Jollibee mural, the family commissioned two local artists: Jafryl Refran and Ghalo Kirby Reforsado.
Angelle told PNA that their father was a government employee who they remember as a “jolly joker” and caring father who was also a “disciplinarian.”
She shared that the tradition to paint their father’s tomb with colorful murals, which began a year after he died in 2011, is the Relleve family’s “unique way of remembering our departed father.”
In previous years, the patriarch’s tomb has featured elements that represent Starbucks, Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewing Gum, Johnnie Walker Black Label and Lacoste, among others. 
“We find joy in doing it as we found it most fitting to his character while he was still with us,” Angelle told PNA. “This branding tradition will always leave a lasting imprint of his memories to our family.” 
Now that their father’s tomb has become a mini attraction in their province of Albay, Angelle hopes that the loving tribute will serve as a reminder to others to treasure the moments that they still have with their parents while they are alive.
Featured Image via Sñrta Angelle Roa Relleve
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