McDonald’s China releases McNugget-shaped ‘Tetris’ gaming device

McDonald’s China releases McNugget-shaped ‘Tetris’ gaming device
Daniel Anderson
May 25, 2023
McDonald’s is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its chicken nuggets by launching a gaming device shaped like the iconic McNugget.
Priced at 30 Chinese yuan (approximately $4.25), the McNugget-shaped handheld gaming device made its debut on May 24 in mainland China and allows players to play “Tetris.” The device comes packaged in a McNuggets-themed box and includes a McDonald’s carrying bag.
As evident by photos of the device, it is equipped with arrow buttons for moving pieces down, left and right, as well as a rotation button, but lacks the ability to “hold” a piece, which is a common feature in modern “Tetris” games. The official McDonald’s logo is also displayed prominently in the game. 
via McDonald’s China website

This gaming device appears to be exclusive to China. According to the McDonald’s China website, only 400,000 units of the device will be available. However, sellers have already listed the device for sale on online marketplaces like eBay, where prices range between $30 and $40 as of this writing.
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