Japanese Restaurant Unveils Bizarre ‘Idol Sweat-Flavored’ Chicken Meal

Japanese Restaurant Unveils Bizarre ‘Idol Sweat-Flavored’ Chicken MealJapanese Restaurant Unveils Bizarre ‘Idol Sweat-Flavored’ Chicken Meal
A Japanese restaurant chain came up with a very unusual chicken meal that’s seasoned with “girl sweat”.
Take-out restaurant Tenka Torimasu is well-known for their karaage, which is a Japanese meal involving breaded chicken fillet.
The Japanese restaurant chain also offers a plethora of different sauces to accompany their famous karaage. Not only does it include the usual mayonnaise and sweet chili, but also the more uncommon ones like wasabi, Japanese plum and strangely enough, idol singer girl sweat, according to SoraNews24.
While the thought of consuming human sweat is bizarre enough as it is, Tenka Torimasu claims that their sauce isn’t just any regular sweat. This weird flavor hopes to replicate “refreshing sweat” excreted by young, hard working idol singers.
The Japanese restaurant’s girl’s sweat karaage hopes to capture the essence of idol singer Anna Tachibana. Just when sweat-inspired sauce couldn’t get any weirder, this one specifically tries to emulate the sweat of a singer who belongs to a group that wears creepy hockey masks.
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The singer even promoted the dish saying that it’s the “karaage people have been dreaming about.” Tachibana herself even revealed on Twitter that she wanted to eat the dish.
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Of course, the 400 yen ($3.60) dish itself doesn’t actually contain real human sweat, but rather it tries to emulate it by using a mix of lemon juice, cheese and salt. As for the Japanese restaurant itself, Tenka Torimasu is quite a popular destination for hungry customers.
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Satisfied patrons even post their good experience on social media, where one Twitter user even described the fast-food chain as “heaven.”
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The addition of strange sauces only shows the lengths that this Japanese restaurant will go through to satisfy even the most distinct clientele. With such a diverse range of sauces available in Tenka Torimasu, who knows what they’ll be able to come up with next.
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