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Wealthy 65-year-old man in Indonesia divorces 19-year-old wife after 2 months of marriage

  • A wealthy Indonesian man, 65, reportedly divorced his 19-year-old bride after two months of marriage.
  • The two previously went viral in May following the news of their relationship and the age gap between them.
  • The 19-year-old bride had a dowry of RM 149,346.15 (approximately $33,599), and the man bought her a house and car.
  • A neighbor of the 65-year-old claimed that the man has been feeling “sick” following the divorce.

A wealthy 65-year-old Indonesian man and his 19-year-old bride have allegedly divorced after two months of marriage.

The man, Haji Sondani, and his bride, Fia Barlanti, got married on May 18 in West Java, Indonesia. Haji had also bought Barlanti a house and car, reported Kompas. 

Chinese man seeks divorce from wife of 16 years after learning his 3 daughters are not his biological children

  • A Chinese man is seeking a divorce from his wife of 16 years after learning that the three daughters he had been raising were not his biological children.
  • The man became suspicious of his wife last year when she began to avoid him.
  • The man later found out that his wife was having an affair after tracking her location to a hotel where he saw her leaving with another man.
  • After discovering that his children were not his, the man’s wife has disappeared. He is now asking local media outlets for help in tracking her down.

After a paternity test revealed that all three of his daughters were not his biological children, a 45-year-old Chinese man is seeking a divorce from his wife of 16 years.

The man, surnamed Chen from Jiangxi Province in eastern China, began having suspicions about his wife, surnamed Yu, last year. While Chen was working in another city to support his family, he and his wife initially called regularly until she began to avoid him and explained that she wanted to work away from home, reported South China Morning Post

Man filed for divorce because his wife served Maggi instant noodles for every meal, says Indian judge

Indian couple divorce instant noodles
  • Principal district and sessions court judge ML Raghunath recounted the “Maggi case” during a press conference at a court in Mysuru, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, on May 27.
  • The case involved a husband who filed for divorce because his wife could only cook Maggi instant noodles.
  • “The husband said his wife did not know how to prepare any food other than Maggi noodles. It was noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Raghunath said. “He complained that his wife went to the provision store and brought only instant noodles.”
  • Since the couple sought divorce by mutual consent, they needed to prove that they “have been living separately for a period of one year or more, that they have not been able to live together and that they have mutually agreed that the marriage should be dissolved,” in accordance with the Special Marriage Act of 1954.
  • Indian courts purportedly receive divorce cases from couples with a variety of issues, such as using the wrong side of a plate for salt. Sometimes, these cases are filed a day after a couple gets married.

A district judge in India recently recounted a previous case in which a husband filed for divorce because his wife could only cook instant noodles.

Principal district and sessions court judge ML Raghunath recalled what he described as the “Maggi case,” named for the brand of the noodles involved, during a press conference at a court in Mysuru, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, on May 27.

Ali Wong and husband Justin Hakuta to split after eight years of marriage

ali wong
  • Comedian Ali Wong and entrepreneur Justin Hakuta are getting a divorce after eight years of marriage and two children together.
  • Wong’s representative confirmed the news to People on Tuesday, with another source adding, “It's amicable and they will continue to co-parent lovingly.”
  • The former couple first met in 2010 at a friend’s wedding reception before tying the knot four years later in November of 2014.
  • The story of how they came together was often written into her stand-up routines, with Wong joking that she had “trapped” the Harvard Business School entrepreneur for his earning potential.
  • In her third and most recent comedy special “Don Wong,” Wong’s stand-up routine may have hinted at some problems within their marriage, as she reflected back on their relationship.

Ali Wong and her husband Justin Hakuta are splitting up after eight years of marriage.

“It’s amicable and they will continue to co-parent lovingly,” a source told People, who confirmed the news with Wong’s rep on Tuesday.

Man Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife for Housework in Landmark Divorce Case in China


A Chinese court ordered a man to pay 50,000 yuan ($7,700) to his ex-wife for years of unpaid housework after losing a landmark divorce case, sparking debate on Chinese social media.

Court filing: The man, identified as Chen, filed for a divorce with his wife of five years, Wang, last year, according to BBC. Although she was reluctant at first, Wang later agreed and requested compensation.

‘Caring and Considerate’ Chinese Man Faces J‌a‌i‌l After Marrying, Having Kids With 3 Women in One City

A man living in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, China was recently reported to the p‌oli‌ce after one of his wives found out that he had three wives living in the same city.

In just three years (2015 to 2017), the man, identified only by his surname Zhang, was able to get hitched by ab‌usi‌ng a loophole in China’s marriage system where he married each wife in a different province, according to Weibo via Shanghaiist.

China May Set a 3-Month ‘Calm Down’ Period for Couples Who Want a Divorce

The Supreme People’s Court in China is considering a new measure to reduce the rising numbers of divorced couples in the country with a 3-month “calm down” period.

The new measure, which is included in the judicial reform plan drafted by China’s top court, will enable couples who want a divorce to enter a 3-month “calm down” period to think twice before making their decision, according to China Daily.