Japanese Model Divorces Husband After Literally Spending All His Money

Japanese Model Divorces Husband After Literally Spending All His MoneyJapanese Model Divorces Husband After Literally Spending All His Money
A Japanese model divorced her husband, a
Kato Sari announced the divorce on YouTube, according to Line Today via World of Buzz. Her relationship with her ex-husband started in May 2019 before they tied the knot in September of the same year.
Kato had reportedly spent 100 million yen ($910,100) while dating her then-boyfriend. The 36-year-old man also bought her a 3 million yen ($27,300) engagement ring from Harry Winston.
The model spent all of the money buying designer bags, clothes, fancy cars and more. After their wedding, the man begged Kato to stop her constant spending as his company was facing financial difficulties.
After admitting his financial situation, Kato reportedly became angry and dissatisfied, saying she didn’t understand why the man allowed her to spend all that money while they were still dating, but not after getting married.
The model also called the whole situation a scam, saying, “Then what’s the point of marrying him? He just cheated me to sign the papers.”
The two of them separated after being married for only one week and the divorce was finalized on Jan. 10. Before the divorce, she reportedly told him that she was not interested in poor men.
Even before this incident, Kato expressed her views on how “happiness can be bought with money” and revealed that she “got married for money.” Several social media users criticized her for being too materialistic.
She also said that it was a fair exchange as women have to endure pregnancy and childbirth, while men don’t do anything but work to earn money for the family.
In her recent posts, Kato clarified that the man she was with was not her husband.
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