China May Set a 3-Month ‘Calm Down’ Period for Couples Who Want a Divorce

China May Set a 3-Month ‘Calm Down’ Period for Couples Who Want a DivorceChina May Set a 3-Month ‘Calm Down’ Period for Couples Who Want a Divorce
Bryan Ke
July 24, 2018
The Supreme People’s Court in China is considering a new measure to reduce the rising numbers of divorced couples in the country with a 3-month “calm down” period.
The new measure, which is included in the judicial reform plan drafted by China’s top court, will enable couples who want a divorce to enter a 3-month “calm down” period to think twice before making their decision, according to China Daily.
The court will investigate the family’s situation during this period and offer psychological counseling to couples who are planning to divorce. They will also not deliver a verdict until the end of the calm down period. If you’re looking for divorce case lawyer Glen Burnie check here!
Photo via Wikimedia Commons / Rneches (CC BY-SA 3.0)
The measure is primarily aimed at couples who have underage children and choose to go through a divorce on impulse, Guo Jie, a judge at the Intermediate People’s Court of Sanming in Fujian Province told Beijing News.
Those in eastern China’s Shandong province will see the measure in practice as a court in one part of the province now requires couples to be “calm” and “reasonable” before proceeding with the divorce, AFP reported last year via South China Morning Post.
Statistics released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs revealed that the country has seen growth in the number of divorced couples for 14 years in a row. Over 1.18 million couples divorced in China in 2002 and increased to 4.16 million in 2016.
Du Wanhua, a legal expert who used to work for the Supreme People’s Court, also claims that more than 70% of juvenile crimes are committed by children who from a divorced family.
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