Jeannie Mai denies Jeezy’s ‘gatekeeping’ claims in latest divorce filing

Jeannie Mai denies Jeezy’s ‘gatekeeping’ claims in latest divorce filingJeannie Mai denies Jeezy’s ‘gatekeeping’ claims in latest divorce filing
via Jennifer Hudson Show, TODAY
Jeannie Mai has reportedly denied Jeezy’s claims that she has been acting like a “gatekeeper” of their daughter Monaco.
Catch up: Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins, 46, claimed in his November court filing that Mai, 44, has acted as a “gatekeeper” of their 23-month-old daughter. He alleged that coordinating their responsibilities has become less feasible despite an agreement that he can visit the toddler until the end of the year.
What she’s saying: In a new court document filed in Georgia‘s Fulton County Superior Court on Tuesday, Mai’s lawyers noted that the former “The Real” host remains committed to “facilitating and encouraging Mr. Jenkins’ involvement in their daughter’s life.”
They also reiterated that Mai’s insistence on “reasonable safety measures” such as “safely securing and locking away all firearms that have been unsecured in the past” and having properly trained caregivers “is absolutely not gatekeeping, but rather a responsible effort to prioritize their daughter’s well-being.”
Mai’s lawyers added that the requests are grounded in her “genuine concern for the parties’ daughter’s safety and security,” noting they are “reasonable protective measures” and “not an attempt to restrict Mr. Jenkins’ access to their daughter.” The document also stated that Mai has granted Jenkins all the dates he has requested, including more time with their daughter on Christmas.
About the estranged couple: Mai and Jenkins got engaged during a COVID-19 stay-at-home order in April 2020. They welcomed their daughter in January 2022.
Jenkins filed for divorce in Georgia in September. He claimed that their marriage is “irretrievably broken” with “no hope for reconciliation.”
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