Thai Ex-Pornstar Reveals She Never Had Sex With Millionaire Husband, Comes Out as Lesbian

Thai Ex-Pornstar Reveals She Never Had Sex With Millionaire Husband, Comes Out as LesbianThai Ex-Pornstar Reveals She Never Had Sex With Millionaire Husband, Comes Out as Lesbian
Ryan General
March 9, 2018
Sexy Thai model Kesarin Chaichalermpol, who recently made headlines for her divorce with an older American millionaire, revealed on Thursday that they never actually consummated their five year marriage.
Nong Nat
In an interview with Thai online platform Manager, the 33-year-old former porn actress, nicknamed Nong Nat, said she “couldn’t bring herself to do it” as she viewed husband Harold Jennings Nesland like an “uncle.”
Nong Nat
“To be honest, since we’ve been married, we’ve never had sex,” she was quoted by Coconuts as saying. “It’s not that we didn’t try. I tried, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I’ve never loved him that way. It’s like I respect him as an uncle…that means I’d love to sleep with my uncle. It’s not right.”
Nong Nat
She added that while they did try to have sex several times, she simply couldn’t go through it.
“Every time, it felt like I was hurting myself emotionally. When he visited, he slept on the bed, I slept on the sofa,” she explained.
Nong Nat
Nat had said in previous interviews that they rarely had sex because she was afraid of giving him a heart attack.
Nong Nat She also changed the narrative on who asked for a divorce, saying it was Harold who asked for it because he was feeling sorry for her. Nat explained that she was unable to get a green card and they remained in a long distance marriage.
“After we got married, we continued to live separate lives. It’s like we just had the paperwork done. We never had that sort of relationship anyway. We saw each other once or twice a year, and I haven’t met him for over a year now.”
Nong Nat
She also clarified that while Harold provided for her monthly payments, she isn’t expecting to get money from the divorce, noting that she never even asked him for a dowry when they got married.

“I’m not asking for anything. Being with him, he took care of my expenses. He gave me monthly payments, but not any assets… a house, a car, nothing. I’ve been supporting myself all along.”
Nong Nat
But Nat’s biggest surprise was her revelation that she has actually gone lesbian, which may come as a disappointment to those hoping to win her heart. 
Nong Nat
Revealing her new love to be a 24-year-old Vietnamese girl, Nat wrote on Instagram on Wednesday:
“She’s only 24 — nine years younger than me. I never thought I’d be dating such a lovely and beautiful girl. She came in when my heart needed someone, who has true feelings for me and respects me. From now on, I have to work hard, save money, and fly to you every month. #MyLittleVietnameseGirl.”
Images via Instagram / natkejsarin
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