Wife Divorces Gambling Addict Husband After Betting Away His Family

Wife Divorces Gambling Addict Husband After Betting Away His Family
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
March 28, 2018
A furious wife has filed for divorce from her husband after he blatantly placed her and their two children as bet while gambling in New Delhi, India.
The incident happened in 2015 but was only recently publicized after the police finally accepted the case, according to Times of India.
Mohsin, of Bulandshahr, who is known to be a gambling addict, reportedly placed his whole family at stake during a game. However, he lost the match and the winner, a man known only as Imran, went to Mohsin’s house to collect the prize.
The wife, whose name was not revealed, screamed for help. After hearing the commotion, neighbors immediately called a panchayat — or a village council — to fix the issue, Daily Mail reported.
The panchayat suggested that the wife give one child to the man instead of taking all of them. She subsequently demanded a divorce from the man, whom she married in 2012, and tried to file a legal complaint against him. The woman is planning to remarry a younger man from a different part of New Delhi.
She was given the runaround between police precincts for two years while attempting to seek justice. The wife eventually filed a petition at a district court.
On Monday, a court judge finally ordered the police to look into the matter. Investigators and officers have now opened a case for the woman and are currently looking for the accused.
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