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Adidas’ Pokémon Trainer Collaboration Sells Out Like Hotcakes

A new collaboration between Adidas and The Pokémon Company will let you live your Pokémon trainer dreams — if you can get your hands on them.

With its stylish tracksuits, shirts and shoes, the new Pokémon x Adidas collection will make you at least look the part of an actual Pokémon trainer. The collection, which taps into fans’ nostalgia with 8-bit graphic designs of the characters, has got styles for both the young and the young at heart.

New Japanese ‘Samurai’ Robes for the Winter are the Most Stylish Way to Stay Warm


A new line of Japanese “samurai” robes from fashion brand Trove, inspired by what the samurais used to wear, will help people in Japan stay cool and warm during the country’s ever-changing fall and winter weather.

In this new line of clothing, Trove introduced a wool haori half-coat that makes everyone who wears it feel like a cool samurai. There are two colors to choose from, according to Youpouch as translated by SoraNews 24. One is in a dark brown variant.

Thief Who Likes to Cuddle With 10,000 Pairs of Stolen Women’s Underwear Caught in China

A man, surnamed Xing, has been caught stealing about 10,000 pieces of women’s clothing in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province after a woman said a pair of her underwear had gone missing and found hanging from his balcony.

The perv, who is reportedly in his forties, was rooming in a nearby factory dormitory where police discovered 10 bags filled with underwear, according to Shanghaiist.

Japanese Fashion Startup for Women With Big Boobs Becomes a Crowdfunding Sensation

Women with large busts clearly have trouble finding clothes that fit them properly. A crowdfunded fashion brand called Heart Closet plans to create a line of clothing with women’s large breasts in mind, and their campaign has been a hit.

Since posting their startup idea on the Japanese crowdfunding site EnjiNE, Heart Closet has received positive responses from an overwhelming amount of supporters. Clearly, there is a need to be filled.