Futuristic Clothes That Grow for 4 Years is Every Asian Child’s Worst Nightmare

Futuristic Clothes That Grow for 4 Years is Every Asian Child’s Worst Nightmare

June 3, 2019
New parents – even old ones – often have problem on how to dispose or give away the clothes that their kids had already outgrown, but it seems like this could potentially become a thing of the past as Petit Pli created a line of children’s clothing that grows with the kid.
The clothes, which were all made with lightweight polyester synthetic material, will stretch and become thicker to maintain the integrity of the clothes as the kid wearing it grows older. This line of clothes, created by Ryan Mario Yasin, can fit most kids from nine months old to four years old, according to its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.
The idea to create this kind of clothing for children came to Yasin when he was shopping for clothes for his nephew. With the information he learned from studying child ergonomics, Yasin was able to settle on a design after creating 500 prototypes of the clothes.
An auxetic structure has been embedded in Petit Pli fabrics, giving the clothing a negative Poisson’s ratio,” he said via Gigadgets.
The material used for the product is waterproof and can be machine washed as well as recycled, as said in the report.
However, there are also things that you shouldn’t do when cleaning out the clothes such as dry cleaning, iron, and bleaching to name a few.
Beside from the UK James Dyson Award that the company won in 2017, Petit Pli was also the winner of the 2019 Global Change Award Winner organized by the H&M Foundation.
Shipping of this futuristic and money-saving product will begin some time in November. You can it in three different colors of Ferrous Clay, Moss Green, and Purple Lagoon for $164.
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