New ‘Virgin-Killing Sweater’ Emerges on Japanese Social Media

New ‘Virgin-Killing Sweater’ Emerges on Japanese Social MediaNew ‘Virgin-Killing Sweater’ Emerges on Japanese Social Media
A clothing item, deemed too sexy to lay eyes on, has local social media buzzing in Japan. 
Similar to the ones that came before it, the piece of clothing has been called “doutei wo korosu,” which suggests that it could make a virgin man so excited that it would kill him. 
The so-called “virgin-killing sweater” first became viral in 2017 after images of the skimpy turtleneck jumper made the rounds on Japanese social media. 
The sweater, which can hardly keep its wearer warm, was designed in a way that shows off some side boob, exposes a part of the butt and hangs low in the back.
Officially called the Slit Ribbon Knit Sweater, the new virgin-killing sweater by designer Amami (@amami_omt) for retailer Hare Ame is even more revealing, challenging the previous ones in terms of provocativeness.
While the previous iteration of the sweater appears modest from the front, the new design of the virgin-killing sweater appears to reveal even more skin of the wearer.
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Japanese Twitter user @FelizNyan recently caused commotion online after posting images of her modeling the sweater. The photos drew even more attention online than Hare Ame, the official retailer of the item.
“This is more than my virgin heart can handle,” one user commented.
“And I was killed…” another said in jest.
“I have no regrets about how I lived my life,” wrote another.
Others, however, were not amused and have a different take on the matter. 
 “At this point, does it still count as clothing?” one perplexed Twitter user wrote.
“It’s really only a sweater in a philosophical sense, I think,” another joked.
Can’t wait to try on your very own virgin killing sweater? Hare Ame is offering sweaters for 3,980 yen ($36) through its website here.
Feature Image via Hara Ame
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