Vintage Apple Jacket Now Costs $10,000 on Ebay After Drake Wore One at WWDC

When Drake took the stage at the Apple WWDC 2015 event yesterday to talk about the much-anticipated Apple Music, it was what he wore that garnered the most attention.
The vintage wool jacket with leather sleeves worn by Drake is emblazoned with Apple’s old logo, a rainbow-colored apple. The rainbow logo was used by Apple from 1977-1998, and the jacket was reportedly given to Apple employees some time during that period.
An Ebay seller named Jake claims he bought not one but two of the rare employee jackets at an auction in Canada. One of the jackets was sold last month on Ebay for $825, and while he’s uncertain, Jake believes that Drake, or someone in his entourage, bought the jacket from him. He told Complex:
“Haha I guess someone bought it for Drake to wear. It sold to someone in California. Looks like the exact same one. For the past year I’ve been checking eBay and have never found the same one.. so that must be it.”
The buyer might very well have been Drake since he made a joke about the jacket during the WWDC event, saying he bought it “using this tool called the internet.”
Jake is now selling his second Apple jacket in another Ebay listing. The listing has two days left, and those who want the jacket can either bid on it or “buy it now.”
Either way, it’s going to cost someone dearly. Thanks to the free publicity from Drake, buyers shouldn’t expect to pay the first jacket’s selling price. The starting auction bid is expensive at $3,999.00, and the “buy it now” price is set at an astounding $9,999.00. And while no one has so far bid on the item, there are currently 29 people watching the auction.
Here’s Jake’s description of the jacket, which capitalizes on its newfound popularity by referencing Drake:
“LAST ONE AVAILABLE. Possibly only 2 of a kind. Up for sale is the IDENTICAL jacket worn by Drake at WWDC, but in even BETTER CONDITION. Appears to have little to no use. Bought both at an auction, this rare Apple Computers jacket varsity/baseball style jacket was given to Apple employees, at the time of the ‘rainbow’ logo. This is a true APPLE classic and a rare piece of history.”
Jake ended his description with a joke:
“I hate to let it go, but the proceeds will help pay back my college tuition.. will also consider a trade for a full-time job at Apple headquarters :)”
We’re curious to see how high the bids will go or even if anyone will actually place a bid. Is the jacket worth the starting bid of nearly $4,000? We have two days to wait and see.
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