New Japanese ‘Samurai’ Robes for the Winter are the Most Stylish Way to Stay Warm

New Japanese ‘Samurai’ Robes for the Winter are the Most Stylish Way to Stay Warm
Bryan Ke
November 5, 2018
A new line of Japanese “samurai” robes from fashion brand Trove, inspired by what the samurais used to wear, will help people in Japan stay cool and warm during the country’s ever-changing fall and winter weather.
In this new line of clothing, Trove introduced a wool haori half-coat that makes everyone who wears it feel like a cool samurai. There are two colors to choose from, according to Youpouch as translated by SoraNews 24. One is in a dark brown variant.
And the other is in navy blue color.
While these tops may look aesthetically pleasing, the wool hakama pants will definitely make you look more like a samurai than anything else.
If the weather is on the warmer side, this juban straight-collard shirt, a thin robe traditionally worn under a kimono, can be a solution for that.
Partnered with this wool dotera, you have yourself a cutting-edge, samurai looks. Judging by the looks of it, it’s recommended to wear this ensemble when the weather gets pretty cold, particularly nighttime.
Aside from the black version, the overgarment also comes in charcoal gray, offering different choices to complement your preferred color style.
For those looking for a much lighter in color-theme and a softer material, Trove also offers a fluffy “boa” haori, which the company calls “bear.”
While this new line of clothing is heavily inspired by the old-generation samurai aesthetic, it doesn’t feel at all restrictive to that particular era of fashion. In fact, some of the dress can even be matched with modern clothing items, like outwear or sneakers.
Anyone who would like to place their pre-orders for the new Trove line of clothing can do so now on their official Japanese website. Price for the juban shirts start at 12,960 yen (US$115) while the haori’s price start at 32,400 yen ($286).
Images via Youpouch
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