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Japanese KFC Chicken Rice ‘Hack’ Takes Twitter By Storm

A simple rice recipe featuring KFC Original Recipe chicken has apparently sent local Twitter users abuzz in Japan.

As we’ve covered before, KFC became a yuletide tradition for many Japanese mostly due to a brilliant promotional campaign during the 1974 holidays season. Japan’s special affinity with KFC remains evident today with the American fast-food chain raking in millions of dollars in revenue with its special “KFC Christmas dinners” each year.

White Chef Enrages the Asian Community AGAIN After Making a Chicken Sandwich and Calling it ‘Pho’

Stock Rittenhouse, a restaurant in Philadelphia owned by chef Tyler Akin, is getting dragged online after netizens discovered a dish on the menu called Pho Fried Chicken Sandwich.

According to the description, the sandwich consists of “crispy chicken thigh with fish sauce caramel glaze, pho spices, cilantro root mayonnaise, spicy hoisin, black pepper, coriander pickled onions, and Thai basil.”

Why Chicken Feet is Extremely Good For You

Chicken feet have long been part of many of the world’s cuisines — in Asia, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand are just some countries that have their own special ways of preparing it.

But not everyone in these places eats chicken, let alone its feet. Why some do is puzzling for those who don’t — after all, a chicken only has one pair, so it’s unlikely an everyday dish.

KFC Hong Kong’s Newest Fried Chicken Ads are Deliciously Creative

New York ad agency Ogilvy & Mather‘s Hong Kong branch has thought of a brilliant and fiery way to promote Kentucky Fried Chicken’s spicy chicken.

The agency photoshopped KFC Hong Kong’s spicy chicken to make it look like flames and smoke coming out of a rocket ship, as can be seen in a Facebook post made by Post-Production Advertising, which managed to gather more than 7,700 shares and 6,700 reactions.