Japan Now Sells Sticky Fried Chicken that Smells Like Girls’ Feet

Japan Now Sells Sticky Fried Chicken that Smells Like Girls’ Feet
Bryan Ke
January 12, 2018
Tenka Torimasu, a Japanese takeout chain, recently unveiled its second odd flavor of karaage chicken — Girls’ Sole Karaage, a follow up to its Girls’ Sweat Karaage back in August.
The key ingredient in Tenka Torimasu’s new chicken karaage is natto, or fermented soy beans, so rest assured that this new variant was not actually made by rubbing it on young girls’ feet, according to SoraNews24
Image via Tenka Torimasu official website
Although, Tenka Torimasu promises that the chicken karaage flavor will recreate both the smell and the stickiness of a girl’s foot — which sounds gross and disturbing.
Just like its Girls’ Sweat Karaage, Tenka Torimasu has once again joined forces with masked idol singer group Kamen Joshi to deliver this extremely exotic flavor to the public. Customers can grab a Girls’ Sole Karaage for 400 yen ($3.60) at selected branches of the takeout chain in Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro, Akabane, Nakano and Akitsue.
Check out the official site for more information.
Aside from deep fried food, Japan is also widely famous for super weird Kit Kat flavors, including the alcoholic sake and cough drop flavors.
Featured Image via Tenka Torimasu
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