Man’s Story of His Pet Chicken as a Kid That Disappears One Day is So Relatable to Asians

Man’s Story of His Pet Chicken as a Kid That Disappears One Day is So Relatable to AsiansMan’s Story of His Pet Chicken as a Kid That Disappears One Day is So Relatable to Asians
Every Asian child knows this classic story: boy meets chicken, boy raises chicken as his loving pet, boy gets tricked into eating his own chicken.
Facebook user, William Lin shared the heartbreaking story of his pet chicken and its demise on the group “Subtle Asian Traits.”
Lin was six years old when he developed a bond with his pet chicken — he would play with it and take it on walks just like people would do with any other pets.
“I too raised a chick in China, who would become my favorite pet, named 鸡鸡 (yes I know what that means now, I was 6 years old okay I didn’t know). Anyways I would play with 鸡鸡 every day, taking him out for walks and what not,” he writes.
However, these golden days soon came to a brutal end, “So, one day I came back home from school, and I noticed that 鸡鸡 was gone. I asked my parents where he went and they said he was taking a nap (idk why I fucking believed them). But I went with it anyways, and ate dinner with the fam.”
As a six-year-old child, Lin didn’t question his parents and after dinner was over, his parents said something rather startling:
“We ended up having chicken soup for dinner (which was ironically my favorite meal growing up). Again, I was 6 and I was a pretty stupid kid honestly, so I still didn’t connect the dots. After dinner I asked my parents if 鸡鸡 was done with his nap. They said ‘he’s not feeling very well, I don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon.'”
Perhaps it would have been better for Lin to not find out the truth so soon but his grandparents took it upon themselves to be honest with him.
He writes, “My grandparents pulled me over to the side and told me the truth. I ended up crying for 5 days because I not only lost my pet/friend, I f**king ATE him. And people wonder why I have trust issues.”
Lin’s story may sound a bit extreme but this tragedy about a boy and his chicken seems to have resonated with many Asians across the globe. Other Facebook users began commenting their own, eerily similar experiences with their pet chickens, ducks and even turtles:
“I also had a pet chicken growing up… and no idea what happened to it.”
“This happened with my pet turtle… when my mom didn’t want to take care of my turtle Bubbles anymore, she gave him to her best friend (also asian). She said that her friend would give Bubbles a good home, but what ended up happening was that Bubbles got made into turtle soup.”
“lol i ate my pet duck when i was little tho p much same story.”
Hide your chickens, ducks and any other unusual pets — it appears no one is safe.
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