Hong Kong Snack Shop Caught Preparing Food on Dirty Floor, Tries to Bribe Man $2 For Silence

Hong Kong Snack Shop Caught Preparing Food on Dirty Floor, Tries to Bribe Man $2 For Silence
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
February 6, 2017
A woman working at a snack shop in Mong Kok in Hong Kong was caught on tape preparing chicken wings on the dirty floor before throwing them on an open grill.
The disturbing scene was recorded on video by a man named Chung, who went out to get some food at his regular snack shop near Sin Tat Plaza at 2 a.m. on February 1.
That’s when he saw the female employee putting several pieces of chicken wings on skewers that were on the wet and dirty floor, and then throwing them directly on the grill.
She’d already been doing it for a few minutes,” said Chung, according to Coconuts Hong Kong.
Disgusted by the act, Chung quickly complained to the shop owner, who reportedly offered him HKD $15 ($1.93) “to go away.
I told him he could be harming his customers but he replied that it ‘wasn’t a problem’,” explained Chung.
He reported the incident to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and shared the video with other netizens on Facebook, where it has since gone viral.
Chung later added that he suffered from gastroenteritis this past summer, and it could have been caused by the food sold at the shop.
This isn’t the first time unsanitary conditions have been discovered in snack shops around Hong Kong.
In September 2015, a worker at a Tamjai Samgor Mixian branch in Tuen Mun was photographed cutting up vegetables on top of a drain on the kitchen floor, according to EJ Insight.
Netizens said such unsanitary practices are common in Hong Kong, but people in the city are always in a rush and just to ignore it.
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