Camera Captures Exact Moment Woman’s iPhone Gets Stolen in China

Camera Captures Exact Moment Woman’s iPhone Gets Stolen in ChinaCamera Captures Exact Moment Woman’s iPhone Gets Stolen in China
A man in China was caught on camera pickpocketing an iPhone 6s belonging to a woman, named Xiao Jia, while she ate a chicken wing with her friend in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, on February 3.
Jia’s friend, Yue, was walking a few steps ahead and secretly taking photos of her chowing down on the barbecued chicken on a stick so that she could poke fun at her friend later on.
Luckily, Yue’s camera captured the exact moment a thief thought nobody was looking and grabbed Jia’s smartphone from the woman’s coat pocket.
One of the photos revealed half of the man’s face, and he was wearing a black jacket and trousers, noted the South China Morning Post.
[My friend] always secretly captures me during my ugly moments, any time, anywhere!” said Jia, who realized her device was missing two minutes after her friend snapped the photos.
The two friends went through the photos and showed them to the city’s Public Security Bureau, reported Shanghaiist.
Police were able to track down and arrest a suspect in the case three days after the incident.
Jia got her iPhone 6s back, and the culprit, surnamed Jiang, admitted to the theft, saying that he was relieved the police had nabbed him, according to EJ Insight.
Jiang said he couldn’t sleep after the photos of him in the act were published in a local newspaper.
Netizens caught wind of the incident on Chinese social media, with some saying that “good food brings good luck and taking selfies during meals is important.
Moral of the story is find yourself a friend who can both be on alert and take photos of you stuffing your face with food.
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