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12 women in Thailand fear lawsuit after discovering they all had sex with the same married man

12 women
  • Twelve Thai women approached a Thai lawyer on July 17 in the central province of Nonthaburi, Thailand, after they discovered that the same man they all met online is married and has lured them into separate sexual relationships.
  • The women asked for legal advice as they were afraid of being sued by the man’s wife.
  • The 60-year-old married man, identified as Pu, reportedly created eight Facebook accounts, four Instagram accounts and three Line accounts to draw women into sexual relationships.
  • The lawyer advised the women to file separate complaints against Pu to the police.

Twelve Thai women approached a lawyer for advice after discovering that the same man they all met online and carried on separate sexual relationships with is married.

The 60-year-old married man, identified as Pu, reportedly created eight Facebook accounts, four Instagram accounts and three Line accounts to draw women into sexual relationships.

Chinese man seeks divorce from wife of 16 years after learning his 3 daughters are not his biological children

  • A Chinese man is seeking a divorce from his wife of 16 years after learning that the three daughters he had been raising were not his biological children.
  • The man became suspicious of his wife last year when she began to avoid him.
  • The man later found out that his wife was having an affair after tracking her location to a hotel where he saw her leaving with another man.
  • After discovering that his children were not his, the man’s wife has disappeared. He is now asking local media outlets for help in tracking her down.

After a paternity test revealed that all three of his daughters were not his biological children, a 45-year-old Chinese man is seeking a divorce from his wife of 16 years.

The man, surnamed Chen from Jiangxi Province in eastern China, began having suspicions about his wife, surnamed Yu, last year. While Chen was working in another city to support his family, he and his wife initially called regularly until she began to avoid him and explained that she wanted to work away from home, reported South China Morning Post

Inside the UCLA Cheating Ring That Helped Chinese Students Scam Their Way to Better Grades

Around the time William Singer’s college admissions controversy was becoming a hot topic back in March, another lesser known scandal involving a Chinese cheating ring was also being dismantled at the UCLA.

It was even on the exact same day, March 12, when the bribery scandal first made headlines, after the FBI reportedly arrested six people involved in a scheme that helped Chinese nationals cheat on English proficiency tests to acquire U.S. student visas.

Geoff 93044, Who Cheated on His Girlfriend of 8 Years, Allegedly Seen Together With Her Again

In January of this year, Twitter was shaken up with some extremely hot tea in the form of a cheating scandal when Instagram photographer Geoff Hamanishi, simply referred to as the 93044, was exposed as an unfaithful boyfriend.

Now, it appears the whole arc is behind him and the girlfriend he had previously cheated on, Kassandra, is back with him according to several eyewitness reports on Twitter.

University of Liverpool Faces ‌B‌ac‌klas‌h After Saying ‘Chinese students are usually unfamiliar with the word ‌ch‌ea‌ting’

chinese students

The University of Liverpool sp‌ar‌ked outr‌age after allegedly singling out Chinese students in an a‌nt‌i-che‌at‌ing notice released ahead of exams this month.

In its email, the university’s Student Welfare and Guidance department war‌ned aga‌inst “unintentional exam misconduct or intentional ch‌eati‌ng,” pointing out possible repercussions such as f‌ail‌ure, su‌spe‌nsion or te‌rmin‌ati‌on of studies.

Insta Famous Photographer Who C‌he‌ate‌d on His Girlfriend of 8 Years Becomes a B‌‌r‌‌u‌t‌a‌‌l Meme

geoff hamanishi

Asian Twitter has been using the hashtags “the93044” and “geoff” to ex‌po‌se‌ a man who ch‌ea‌t‌ed on his girlfriend of eight years.

Geoff Hamanishi, who gained fame through his Instagram account @the93044 where he was seemingly the epitome of the supportive and loyal boyfriend, sparked online cont‌ro‌ver‌sy and was called out for ch‌ea‌ti‌ng on his girlfriend, Kassandra.

Furious Wife Hops on Husband’s Car After Catching Him Driving With His Mistress

A man, his wife and his alleged mistress ended up being escorted to a local police station in east China after engaging in an eerie spectacle which looked like straight out of an action film.

Footage of the incident in Nanjing showed a furious wife hopping on top of the hood of her husband’s black Audi car after reportedly catching him with his mistress, MailOnline reports.