Vengeful Wife in China Beats Mistress, Calls Husband to Watch

Vengeful Wife in China Beats Mistress, Calls Husband to WatchVengeful Wife in China Beats Mistress, Calls Husband to Watch
Hell hath no fury like a wife cheated on for years.
In a video going viral on Chinese social media platforms, an angry wife can be seen beating up her husband’s alleged mistress on a street in northern China.
chinese mistress
The incident took place on February 28 in Tangshan, Hebei province, China, according to Kuaibao.
chinese mistress
It is understood that the wife took the opportunity for revenge after catching the mistress talking to her husband over the phone.
chinese mistress
The wife spared no mercy as she called her husband to watch her beat his mistress.
“Hubby, where are you? Come here. I’ve caught her… Hurry up!”
chinese mistress
The unidentified woman held the mistress by the hair and beat her as a crowd gathered to watch the drama.
“Tell everyone what you are,” she ordered. “Tell them you’re a mistress. Tell them!”
chinese mistress
The alleged mistress replied, “I’m a mistress.”
chinese mistress
The scene unfolded behind the car the wife owns.
chinese mistress
“This is a mistress. She’s a homewrecker,” she told the crowd. “Three years she’s been with my husband.”
chinese mistress
This is not the first time a scorned wife has taken matters into her own hands in China, where adultery is not punishable under law. They haven’t only beaten and stripped mistresses naked, but they’ve also wrecked their husbands’ cars and called upon the professional services of “mistress killers.”
Watch the dramatic scene below:
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