Outrageous Firm in Japan Can Stop Any Cheating Spouse for $80,000

Outrageous Firm in Japan Can Stop Any Cheating Spouse for $80,000Outrageous Firm in Japan Can Stop Any Cheating Spouse for $80,000
Editorial Staff
July 18, 2017
Couple’s experiencing the cheating spouse dilemma can now remedy their problems with the aid of this extravagant private investigation service. A private investigation firm in Japan employ clever and crafty tactics in order to stop a couple’s cheating problem.
According to SoraNews24, a company called Ginza Ladis 1 can go “all out” when it comes to breaking up a cheating spouse’s relationship with their side-partner. What sets this service apart from other private investigation firms is their outrageous tactics and the quality of their employees.
Ginza Ladis 1 sends out professional actors to befriend the partner of the cheating spouse. These actors will then convince the partner to break up with the spouse in a subtle and non-intrusive manner.
The firm will attempt to convince the cheating partner to back out of the couple’s relationship by any means necessary. The company will go as far as employing crafty tactics such as setting up scenes that include police cars and helicopters if it means earning the trust of the partner.
Once the side-partner problem has been dealt with, Ginza Ladis 1 can also offer counseling programs to help couples get back on track with their relationship. Naturally, a service that works on this magnitude will undoubtedly fetch a high price which can go as high as ¥8,600,000, or about $76,419.
Even the company’s most basic package still costs a hefty sum starting at about ¥100,000 to ¥250,000, or $2,217. It seems that the firm isn’t a newcomer when it comes to this type of service either since the company’s been running since 1989, according to their official website.
While the service might sound like a risky investment, the company does have quite a track record even boasting an “overwhelming success rate.” With companies as meticulous as Ginza Ladis 1, some couples might now be thinking twice about cheating.
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