Sex Professor Claims Chinese Wives Most Likely Cheat on Their Husbands

Sex Professor Claims Chinese Wives Most Likely Cheat on Their HusbandsSex Professor Claims Chinese Wives Most Likely Cheat on Their Husbands
Of all wives around the world, those in China are most likely to
According to Pan Suiming,  professor emeritus and the honorary director of the Institute for Research on Sexuality and Gender at Renmin University of China in Beijing, one in every 7.5 wives in China have cheated on their husband, adding that it is partially caused by norms that discourage divorce.
That translates to 13.3% of wives having one or more extramarital affairs — the highest in the planet, Pan said.
Meanwhile, one in three husbands have cheated on their wives at least once, a far greater ratio in terms of gender.
In an interview with Portrait Magazine, Pan said that cheating among married couples has increased in recent years.
Wives cheat on their husbands when they could not get sexual satisfaction, while husbands cheat on their wives to simply “conquer” more women, the professor said.
Interestingly, the purchase of sex toys has also increased for both sexes, though only 5.7% of women admitted so in their latest survey — about half of men.
Pan, known as the “father of Chinese sexology,” is a published author and has been teaching the subject at Beijing’s esteemed Renmin University for over 30 years.
The 67-year-old academic also founded the Institute for Research on Sexuality and Gender in the university in 1991.
However, not everyone is buying Pan’s conclusions. Ming Li, a “hunter” in Weiqing Group — one of China’s “mistress killer” businesses — disagrees that there are more women cheating.
The Daily Mail quoted her as saying:
“Among all the cases I have handled, many more men have had affairs. The percentage of wives cheating on their husbands is less than one-twentieth of husbands cheating on their wives.”
Pan appears to be drawing data from years of research. He and his team have conducted three surveys that explore the sexual relationships of modern Chinese people since 2000.
In their first year, they found that only 9% of women have had more than one sexual partner in their entire life. By 2015, the figure rose to 30.5%.
“This is exactly what China is all about. We have done surveys. Only 30% of Chinese couples really love each other. The remaining 70% do not love each other, but they also have sex,” Pan said.
But when asked what kind of people are more likely to cheat, he remains inconclusive.
“It can’t be generalized.”
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