Man Reportedly Travels 1500 Miles to Surprise Girlfriend, Finds Her With Another Man

Man Reportedly Travels 1500 Miles to Surprise Girlfriend, Finds Her With Another Man

July 23, 2019
A man who reportedly wanted to surprise his long-distance girlfriend had the shock of his life instead after finding her in the arms of another guy.
Japanese Twitter user @T_Radiosonde broke the story on July 19, claiming that the couple were in a long-distance relationship of 2,400 kilometers (1,491.29 miles).
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The man reportedly traveled the distance to surprise his girlfriend, even donning a bear costume. Unfortunately, the sight he saw left him devastated instead.
“One couple separated by a distance of 2,400 kilometers. This boyfriend showed up in a bear costume to give his girlfriend a surprise, but he ended up catching an affair in the process,” @T_Radiosonde wrote.
The scene was captured in a series of photos, which has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook.
In one photo, the man in the bear suit can be seen approaching his girlfriend, who is comfortably wrapped in the arms of another guy.
As the man takes off the bear’s head, the girlfriend and her lover turn their heads in apparent horror.
Meanwhile, a staff member in the food stall — where the “cheating” couple appear to be buying from — is seen putting a hand on her face.
In an obvious moment of regret, the girlfriend chases the man, who walks away without a word.
The man also wears the bear head again, presumably to hide his tears.
A “final” photo shows the girlfriend hugging the man, who only stands motionless.
@T_Radiosonde has said that the scene occurred in China, but this detail — as well as the actual story — cannot be verified as of this writing.
Meanwhile, the post has raked in more than 81,000 likes and 20,000 retweets, with many expressing sympathy towards the man.
“This killed me.”
“It’s a reverse surprise.”
“I’ve put on my head to hide my tears.”
“If I were him, I’ll go out with her lover instead.”
“I’m pissed just looking at that picture of her hugging him.”
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