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Asian American Soldier Who Dreamed of Flying, Struggled With Grades is Now a US Army Pilot

The U.S. Army launched an animated series earlier last month, featuring soldiers such as First Lieutenant David Toguchi, an Asian American pilot who turned his lifelong dream of flying into a reality.

“The Calling”  follows five young Americans as their different life experiences lead them to serve in the Army. The series aims to “help close the relatability gap between Gen Z and America’s largest military branch,” according to a press release from earlier last month. 

Filipino American Soldier Found Dead Near Texas Military Base, The 3rd Death in a Month

Remains of a Filipino American soldier stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas were discovered near the base, Army officials revealed on Tuesday. 

Unnatural circumstances: Officials at the United States Army base say that the body of 26-year-old Pvt. Mejhor Morta was found by fishermen who were in a boat on July 17 near Stillhouse Hollow Lake, reports NPR.

Watch US Soldiers Try Food Rations Served in the Singapore Armed Forces

singaporean food

In recent years, Singaporean food has grown to be more appealing to the palate of many foreigners — from ordinary tourists to Michelin-starred chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and the late Anthony Bourdain

Interestingly, American soldiers got their taste of Singaporean food in the middle of training in Oklahoma during the Exercise Daring Warrior 2018, a combined live-firing exercise conducted by the U.S. Army and the Singapore Army last month.

The U.S. Army is Allegedly Discharging Immigrant Recruits They Promised Citizenship To

The U.S. Army is allegedly discharging some immigrant reservists and recruits who enlisted through the special recruitment program that offered a path to citizenship, a report from the Associated Press revealed.

Citing immigration lawyers privy to the details, the report claimed that at least 40 immigrant recruits have been discharged or whose status has been put at risk recently.

West Point Admits Fallen Hero Peter Wang For Saving Students in Florida Shooting

Hero cadet Peter Wang, the 15-year-old JROTC member who sacrificed his life so that other children could live during the Parkland Shooting, has been posthumously accepted into The United States Military Academy Preparatory School, often referred to as West Point.

Indonesia Put on an Absolutely Insane Military Show For America’s Defense Chief

indonesia army

United States Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was treated to an impressive, yet unnerving display of the Indonesian military’s unique skills during his recent visit to Jakarta, Indonesia.

The local soldiers went all out with their performance, which included death-defying exhibitions and martial arts techniques in the routine military demonstration event on Wednesday, marking the end of Mattis’ three-day visit in the country.