Japanese Police Refuse Kind Offer of Water From U.S. Airman to Stay ‘Professional’

Japanese Police Refuse Kind Offer of Water From U.S. Airman to Stay ‘Professional’

September 19, 2018
Japanese netizens are feeling both love and hate after two local policemen refused a kind-hearted gesture from a U.S. airman in the name of law.
In pictures from Twitter user @Type96aoino, the soldier can be seen offering the cops bottles of what looked like water and an orange Gatorade.
Image via Twitter / @Type96aoino
The policemen were said to be guarding the entrance to a local U.S. Air Force base.
Neither of the parties reportedly understood the other’s language.
Image via Twitter / @Type96aoino
As such, @Type96aoino came up with an interesting verbal translation:
U.S. airman: “Have a drink, you look tired!”
Japanese police: “Sorry, but we’re at work.”
U.S. airman: “Are you sure you don’t want some?”
Japanese police: “Sorry, we’re ok.”
Japanese regulations prevent public servants from having beverages at work — particularly colorful sodas — as such activity is deemed unprofessional, immature or distracting.
In July, a picture of two Canadian policemen holding cups from Starbucks went viral among Japanese netizens, with many simply amused that drinking cops are an actual thing.
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@Type96aoino’s post has since gone viral on Japanese Twitter, gaining more than 176,000 likes and 60,000 retweets.
Netizens tried to make sense of the scene:
“It’s strange that the policemen are not allowed to receive this kindness. No words had been expressed, but both are clearly sad.”
“The fact is that there are many people who don’t understand it. Under the scorching sun, it’s only appropriate to find shade and drink at some point.”
“I don’t like these places in Japan.”
“So public opinion refuses water necessary to maintain life, how abnormal. When did we start living in such a strange world?”
“The airman is so gentle, but the police just can’t take a break. It’s sad.”
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In reality, it’s unclear if the policemen managed to explain themselves as they wanted, or if the airman understood why they declined his offer.
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