Taiwanese billionaire pledges $32 million for ‘civilian warriors’ against China

Taiwanese billionaire pledges $32 million for ‘civilian warriors’ against China
Iris Jung
September 2, 2022
Robert Tsao, a billionaire who made his fortune through microchips, declared that he is prepared to spend $32 million of his own money to train “civilian warriors” to protect Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion. 
Founder of United Microelectronics Corp, the 75-year-old made his announcement at a press conference on Thursday clad in body armor. Amid Taiwan’s decision to take “strong countermeasures” against China’s provocations, Tsao pledged to train 3 million “civilian warriors” within three years. Tsao would work with Taiwan’s civilian defense organization, allocating 60 percent of the funds to an army of “warriors” and 40 percent to firearms training.
“If we can successfully resist China’s ambitions, we not only will be able to safeguard our homeland but make a big contribution to the world situation and the development of civilization,” Tsao explained.
The news came in light of China’s military drills around Taiwan, which have only increased following U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other U.S. lawmakers’ visits to the island.
Tsao made his declaration after recently reinstating his Taiwanese citizenship. The tycoon gave up his citizenship in 2011 to protest a government investigation of his company for Chinese investment. He was also an active supporter of Taiwan’s reunification with China. 
However, Tsao cites the 2019 Hong Kong democracy movement and China’s violent crackdown as his “wake-up call.” He expressed that Taiwan should not be turned “into another Hong Kong.”
“I am excited about regaining my Taiwanese citizenship and want to stand with my fellow countrymen to fight against the invasion from the Chinese Communist Party and to safeguard Taiwan, making Taiwan a ‘land of the free and the home of the brave,’” Tsao stated.
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