Watch US Soldiers Try Food Rations Served in the Singapore Armed Forces

Watch US Soldiers Try Food Rations Served in the Singapore Armed ForcesWatch US Soldiers Try Food Rations Served in the Singapore Armed Forces
In recent years, Singaporean food has grown to be more appealing to the palate of many foreigners — from ordinary tourists to Michelin-starred chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and the late Anthony Bourdain
Interestingly, American soldiers got their taste of Singaporean food in the middle of training in Oklahoma during the Exercise Daring Warrior 2018, a combined live-firing exercise conducted by the U.S. Army and the Singapore Army last month.
In a video posted by the Singapore Army, US soldiers are seen trying out field rations that are routinely given to Singaporean soldiers, including makhani bean stew with chicken, glutinous rice with chicken, and sweet potato with red bean soup.
“It’s good,” one said about his makhani bean stew with chicken. “It’s like beans and chicken … It’s pretty good.”
Another commented, “This is pretty good! [I’ll] probably have this more than once.”
“This is pretty good! Yeah,” another soldier responded.
A member of the Singapore Army then explained to a soldier who received glutinous rice with chicken that the ration recipes are meant to remind soldiers of home.
“Right, so, this is actually like a Chinese kind of delicacy that we have where we try to get the rice together,” the Singaporean soldier said. “So we try to give that to our soldiers to let them taste back home when they’re out in the field.”
Another soldier who had a “kidney bean dessert” also gave his approval, “There’s a good quantity.”
Clearly, the soldiers enjoyed their Singaporean food rations, looking forward to having them again.
The video posted on Facebook has received over 103,000 views to date.
Users have commented:
“I miss them combo rations…Last time I had them was 30 years ago.”
“Our field ration, most accompanying dessert are quite nice. At least a morale booster for me.”
“I also tried before Singaporean army field ration and it’s TASTY…”
However, some joked that the soldiers were only being polite as to not offend the other team.
“Who dares to say it tastes bad on camera?”
“When the American soldier commented ‘pretty good’, it’s equivalent to so-so, nothing to brag about.”
“‘Pretty good!’ x192484920! They’re so polite!!! Thanks for sharing this was really cute to watch.”
Images via Facebook / The Singapore Army
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