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China’s youngest boy band forced to rebrand after being accused of child exploitation

Panda Boys, youngest boy band in China

The Panda Boys, China’s youngest boy band ever, has been rebranded as a children’s art troupe after their agency was accused of child exploitation.

Too young to be heartthrobs: The recently formed group, composed of seven elementary school children aged between 7 and 11, drew immediate backlash after making its first public performance last week in Chengdu city, reported South China Morning Post.

Chinese celebrities attend ‘morality’ training after Kris Wu’s rape allegations

Celebrities in China underwent a two-day “ethical training session” amid the high-profile case that involved popular singer Kris Wu, who was arrested earlier this month on rape allegations

Lessons on morality: The session, hosted by the country’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA), reportedly took place in Beijing last month, but images of the event only emerged online this week, reported South China Morning Post

Ridiculously Expressive Cat in China Goes Viral

A cat from China is now online famous for her adorable human-like expressions.

Nana, a British Shorthair cat, has over 80,000 followers on China’s microblogging platform Weibo, according to Bored Panda. The breed can trace its ancestry back to the domestic cats of Rome, when they were prized for their physical strength and hunting skills. At least for Nana, the only thing she seems to be good at capturing is followers.

China’s ‘Internet Queen’ Sparks Outrage After Giving Baby Her Husband’s Last Name

Papi Jiang

A woman dubbed as one of China’s “Internet Queens” has come under fire after letting her newborn follow her husband’s surname — a practice that has endured for thousands of years but is now being challenged by some in the country.

The criticism against Jiang Yilei, better known as Papi Jiang, reportedly comes from a number of “feminist warriors” who, according to one author, have a tendency to impose “extreme views” of gender equality on others.

Misogynist Creates Program That Outs Women in Porn and Links to Their Social Media

An unidentified Weibo user has alarmed the internet after announcing that he had created a program cross-referencing women’s faces on adult platforms against profile pictures on mainstream social media.

The user, who claimed to be living in Germany, said that he had “successfully identified over 100,000 young ladies” in porn “on a global scale,” Vice reported.

Zara Accused of ‘Uglifying’ China After Using Model With Freckles

Zara is being accused by Chinese netizens of “uglifying” China for using photographs of freckled Chinese model, Li Jingwen, without heavy photoshop or makeup.

When the Spanish fashion retailer posted photos of the model for a lipstick commercial on their Weibo account, Chinese netizens criticized the company for picturing Jing Wen with clearly visible freckles, suggesting that selecting the model could have been an attempt to “defame the Chinese”.