Watch: Chinese woman quits full-time job so she can try 100 different jobs

Watch: Chinese woman quits full-time job so she can try 100 different jobsWatch: Chinese woman quits full-time job so she can try 100 different jobs
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A Chinese woman has attracted millions of followers on Chinese social media after quitting her full-time corporate job to try and experience 100 different professions.
Key details: Douyin user Chizao, who is in her 20s, has already tried 30 different jobs in six months since beginning her exploration journey. Some professions she has already tried include firefighter, kindergarten teacher, pet store employee, delivery driver and Chinese opera singer.
Since starting on her viral path, Chizao has reportedly amassed a total of 6 million followers across several social media platforms, including 2 million on Douyin. She also has a YouTube channel, where she uploads videos of her experience for her international viewers.

Why she did it: Chizao reportedly shared that she decided to embark on sampling new jobs for one day each after feeling unfulfilled at her full-time job at a media company, which she started working at after graduating from school. She lamented that her daily, repetitive routine at her previous job made her less curious about what the world offered.

How it started: The Douyin user admitted that many employers were reluctant to hire her, considering that she would only be working for them for a day and that she would also be filming the process.
Chizao eventually found her first new job as an assistant pet shop employee, where she performed several tasks like walking dogs and grooming them.
Finding success: Soon after, she found herself landing several other jobs, including as a facilitator of a type of murder mystery game called ju ben sha, or scripted homicide.
The Chengdu Fire and Rescue Department also approached Chizao after the Douyin user garnered much attention online, inviting her to try their firefighter training for a day.
Sharing her experience, the Douyin user noted that the training was her most challenging job so far as she had to wake up as early as 5 a.m. and begin her training at 6:30 a.m. with a 3-kilometer run (1.86 miles) and other tasks. She almost quit halfway through, but Chizao persevered by thinking about how dedicated the other firefighters were.
Opening her eyes: In her latest video, Chizao shared that what she experienced in the different professions has helped her broaden her horizons.

She also requested people to stop gender stereotyping jobs, noting that “men can be nurses and kindergarten teachers, and women can be physical trainers and firefighters.”
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