Chinese student bites mouse in the head after it bit her hand

Chinese student bites mouse in the head after it bit her handChinese student bites mouse in the head after it bit her hand
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A university student in China sparked both hilarity and concerns on social media after ending up in a hospital for biting a mouse’s head in retaliation for biting her right hand after she caught it.
What happened: The incident occurred in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, on Dec. 21, 2023, when the unnamed 18-year-old student and her friends chased a mouse that got inside her university dormitory. The mouse, which received two teeth marks on its head as a result of the woman’s bite, reportedly died shortly after due to suffocation from the student’s firm grasp.

The aftermath: The student went to the hospital two hours after the incident and requested a tetanus and rabies vaccine. A doctor who administered the treatment told Chinese media outlet Jiupai News that they had never encountered an incident like it before.
Apart from the mouse bite, the student also suffered an injury to her lower lip. Local news outlets say she caused the injury herself by accidentally biting it.
Reactions: The incident drew mixed reactions on Weibo. Some users found it hilarious, with one writing, “From a certain perspective, she did something that Tom [of ‘Tom and Jerry’] couldn’t achieve.”
“I would rather believe that she bit her roommate, but the reality is that she ended up biting the mouse unexpectedly,” another noted.
Others expressed concerns, saying they could not believe someone would do such a thing.
“This is the kind of news that you understand the headline, but you just can’t believe it,” one user commented.
Another wrote, “This is the scariest news I saw today.”
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