Chinese woman accuses father-in-law of assaulting her with hot soup over length of her shorts

Chinese woman accuses father-in-law of assaulting her with hot soup over length of her shortsChinese woman accuses father-in-law of assaulting her with hot soup over length of her shorts
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Iris Jung
June 23, 2023
In a video shared on Chinese social media, a woman alleges her father-in-law assaulted her over the shorts she was wearing in the middle of summer.
About the alleged attack: In the video shared by “Boiling Point Video” on Weibo on June 14, the woman, who is seen with a red mark under her eye, recounted the alleged incident that took place on June 12 in Neijiang, Sichuan.
The daughter-in-law, who was only identified by her surname, Xu, was reportedly having dinner when her father-in-law confronted her about the length of her shorts.
“If you go out like this, the neighbors will feel shame for you,” the man told her, as per South China Morning Post.
Xu said she responded to him by saying, “I spend my money on my clothes. I do it my way.”
He purportedly continued to verbally attack her, to which she replied, “Can you stop this while we are eating?”
Upon hearing her retort, Xu’s father-in-law allegedly threw a handful of peanuts at her face. He then poured a bowl of hot soup on her, which burned her skin, before scratching her face, according to Xu. She said she defended herself by also getting physical, leaving both with physical injuries.
Family and police intervene: While the pair fought, Xu’s mother-in-law and her 9-year-old son purportedly intervened to break them up. After Xu’s son pulled his mother into a bedroom and locked the door, her father-in-law allegedly screamed that he would kill her.
Xu eventually called the police, who arrived at the scene to mediate. While Xu’s father-in-law attempted to explain his actions by showing the authorities her attire, they stated that Xu’s clothing was not enough to justify assault or harassment. 
Xu’s husband allegedly sided with his father after she told him about the incident, asking her to not wear the shorts again. Xu stated that she has given her husband one last chance to help with resolving the issues between her and his father. However, if her husband continues to be “weak,” Xu “may consider divorce,” she shared.
Online reactions:  Xu’s video has gained over 306,000 views as of this writing.
Several Weibo users empathized with her, criticizing her husband and father-in-law.
“We’re not living during the Qing dynasty, why can’t she dress like that?” one user wrote. 
“How dare he threaten to kill her? Too horrible,” another user commented. 
However, other Weibo users called Xu out for the way she dressed in front of her elders.
“[There] is your freedom to wear, but it is also a reality that the traditional concept of the elderly is more important. Since we live together, we should … respect each other,” one user stated.
“This is your fault. You should pay attention to the occasion when dressing,” another user commented. “If you have a father-in-law at home, you should be conservative…”

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