Student with delusional love disorder believes his classmates are in love with him

Student with delusional love disorder believes his classmates are in love with himStudent with delusional love disorder believes his classmates are in love with him
via Litchi News
Bryan Ke
April 5, 2024
A Chinese university student diagnosed with a delusional love disorder believed that all of his female classmates were in love with him, despite being rejected by them.
Key points:
  • The man, identified by his surname Liu, a 20-year-old university student in Jiangsu province, was diagnosed with delusional love disorder, also known as erotomania. His symptoms emerged in February and was taken to the hospital afterwards. It was unclear when the diagnosis was made.
  • With a combination of psychotherapy and medication, Liu’s condition improved.

The details:
  • Liu’s condition deteriorated to the point where he began displaying inappropriate acts of affection towards his classmates, causing trouble in their school.
  • “He thinks that he’s the best-looking guy in the university,” Lu Zhenjiao, a doctor from Huai’an No.3 People’s Hospital, told Litchi News, recalling what Liu had told him.
  • In addition to his delusional beliefs, Liu also exhibited several behavioral changes, including staying up all night, difficulty paying attention in class and reckless spending habits.
  • Delusional love disorder or erotomania is a rare mental health condition in which the patient believes that another person is in love with them even when they are not.
  • The disorder, also known as de Clérambault syndrome, named after the French psychiatrist Gaëtan Gatian de Clérambault who first described it in 1921, could also be linked to other mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
  • Lu explained that the disorder is purportedly common in spring between March and April, around the time when peach blossoms are in full bloom. People suffering from erotomania may experience hyperactivity and sleep disturbances during this period, as changes in weather could potentially lead to fluctuations in hormone levels in the body.
How people reacted:
  • Some Weibo users poked fun at Liu’s story, with one comparing Liu’s condition to what they experienced as a child, writing, “When I was a child, I also fantasized about being the most powerful person in the world.”
  • “In the case of ordinary animals, this situation typically involves sterilization,” another person wrote.
  • “Sometimes I also feel like everyone likes me,” one Weibo user shared.
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