Video: Woman chews anti-theft cable at Apple store to steal iPhone 14

Video: Woman chews anti-theft cable at Apple store to steal iPhone 14
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An alarm was triggered but she managed to get away by pretending to casually browse

September 4, 2023
A woman in southeastern China has made national headlines after allegedly stealing a local Apple store’s iPhone 14 Plus by gnawing through its anti-theft cable.
How she did it: Security footage from the store shows the woman stopping in front of the display and examining the device for a few moments. Then, in a bizarre turn of events, she bites its anti-theft cable and chews it for a while.
The woman eventually frees the phone, which she hides in her bag. She then flees the store.
The aftermath: The cutting of the cable reportedly triggered an alarm. However, the responding staff failed to notice anything unusual. While still at the store, the woman pretended to casually browse products to avoid suspicion. It was shortly after she left that staff finally noticed the ravaged cable and the missing phone, prompting them to call police.

Why she did it: The woman, identified as Qiu, was arrested 30 minutes after the incident, just before she arrived home. During a police interview, she claimed that she actually intended to buy a phone. After seeing the prices, however, she decided to steal the iPhone 14 Plus instead. The device reportedly cost 7,000 yuan ($960) at the store.
Reactions: The incident drew mixed reactions on Chinese social media. Some questioned whether Qiu was even aware of security cameras, while others poked fun at the strength of her teeth.
“A dog’s bite,” one Weibo user said.
“The quality of the anti-theft cable must be bad,” said another.
“Yes you can chew it, but there are surveillance cameras everywhere,” a Weibo user observed.
“If you can’t afford to buy something expensive, then buy something cheap,” another commented.
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