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2 Men Found Guilty of Killing 39 Vietnamese Migrants Trafficked into the UK

Vietnamese migrants

Two men have been convicted in the manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese migrants who were smuggled to the U.K. in a refrigerated trailer last year.

The victims, aged 15 to 44, initially thought to be Chinese, suffocated to death after being sealed in the unit for at least 12 hours, with temperatures reaching an “unbearable” 38.5 degrees Celsius (101 degrees Fahrenheit).

‘Phat Prince of Garden Grove’: Vietnamese American Candidate for Mayor Releases Campaign Video

Phat Bui

Garden Grove City Council member and mayoral candidate Phat Bui released his official campaign 2020 music video inspired by the hit ‘90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Running for mayor: The official campaign 2020 music video, released on Sept. 27, featured the Vietnamese American politician in a swag outfit and a face mask on.