VinFast launches $2600 electric bike for US market

VinFast launches $2600 electric bike for US marketVinFast launches $2600 electric bike for US market
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Bryan Ke
April 17, 2024
Vietnamese electric vehicle maker VinFast aimed to merge Vietnamese and American cultures for its VF DrgnFly electric bike, set to launch in the U.S.
Key points:
  • The VF DrgnFly e-bike, priced at $2,599, will be available for purchase in the U.S. by late April, the company announced.
  • VinFast first announced the roll out of its latest product during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2024.
The details:
  • VinFast aimed to bridge Vietnamese aesthetics and current e-bike trends in the U.S. with its new offering. The company explained that the VF DrgnFly’s aesthetic and name were inspired by the image of a flying dragon, which is deeply rooted in the history of Thang Long (Hanoi), Vietnam.
  • Designed by Danish studio Eskild Hansen, the VF DrgnFly has a wide handlebar, balloon tires and an ergonomic riding position, providing comfort for riders.
  • The VF DrgnFly also departs from traditional tube frames, embracing a more innovative “flat frame” design. With these changes, VinFast aims to achieve an optimal balance between weight and durability for the e-bike.
  • In terms of technology, some of the features highlighted at CES 2024 include different riding modes, remote locking/bike locator through GPS, ride statistics records and remote diagnostics. VinFast has also incorporated over-the-air updates to the e-bike, ensuring that riders will consistently have an optimized vehicle.
  • In a statement, Mr. David Duncan, vice president of sales and marketing of VinFast U.S., noted that the launch of the e-bike exemplifies the company’s “unwavering commitment to bringing electric mobility to everyone.”
  • Duncan added, “By offering a sustainable, smart and personalized mobility option, we are embracing the green transportation revolution, paving the way for a healthier and more vibrant future.”
What to expect:
  • Performance-wise, the VF DrgnFly offers a top speed of up to 28 miles per hour. It can also travel a range of up to 68 miles on a single charge in its 640-watt removable lithium-ion battery when in the lowest pedal assist setting.
  • Those who buy the e-bike can expect to receive a home charge and a two-year warranty from VinFast.
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