Japanese is most desired Asian language to learn among Americans: study

Japanese is most desired Asian language to learn among Americans: studyJapanese is most desired Asian language to learn among Americans: study
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Michelle De Pacina
February 6, 2024
A recent study conducted by LTL Language School has revealed that Japanese is the most desired Asian language to learn among Americans. 
The results: Analyzing 42 East and South Asian languages using 24 keywords through Google Keyword Planner, the study found that Japanese topped the list with an average monthly search volume of 170,927.5 over the past 12 months in the U.S.
Why Japanese?: In 49 out of 50 states, Japanese emerges as the most sought-after language to learn, except in Nebraska, where it holds the second position. The influence of Japanese media, such as anime and manga, is considered a significant factor in its popularity. Some of the most popular anime in the U.S. includeNaruto,” “Demon Slayer,” “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Attack on Titan.”
Next most popular: Korean, driven by the popularity of K-dramas and K-pop, ranks second, followed by Mandarin, reflecting ongoing interest in China‘s global influence. Hindi and Thai complete the top five, respectively. What follows next are Vietnamese, Persian, Filipino, Khmer and Telugu. 
Growing trend: The study indicates a growing trend in the U.S. of individuals seeking to learn Asian languages for cultural enrichment and economic opportunities. 
“From business endeavors to personal enrichment, Americans are investing time and resources to broaden their linguistic horizons,” said Max Hobbs, the marketing director of LTL Language School. “As cultural exchange and global connectivity continue to thrive, it’s inspiring to see Americans embrace the beauty and diversity of Asian languages. This data not only reflects a keen interest in language learning but also highlights the importance of fostering cross-cultural understanding in our interconnected world.”
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