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TOTO’s New High-Tech Bathrooms Will Make Your Toilet Look Like Crap

Toilet manufacturer TOTO, known for their Japanese innovation and toilets of the future, is offering a unique bathroom experience at their Concept 190 Showroom.

Famous for their luxurious washlets, one of TOTO’s most popular products are latrines with a built in bidet, heated seats, music, and dryer to maximize tush cleanliness and comfort. These already unordinary smart toilets come with a remote control to toggle where and how intense the water grazes your private parts. Popular restaurants such as Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ have already become enamored with the machine, making it a point to stock these mighty toilets across their many locations.

China is Finally Doing Something About Their Infamous Squat Toilets

China’s “Toilet Revolution” initiative has provided renovations to over 68,000 public toilets as of last month, setting aside a budget of more than 20 billion yuan ($302,677,200) to build and refurbish over 50,000 more.

China’s “Toilet Revolution” first launched back in 2015 amid various criticisms of potentially hazardous toilets which are affecting the country’s tourism. Now, they’re planning to build another 47,000 toilets and refurbish 17,000 toilets over the next two years in celebration of World Toilet Day on November 19, according to South China Morning Post. Xi Jinping revealed that they will be focusing on fixing public toilets in rural areas in China to improve the quality of life as well as their tourism.

Indian Woman Granted Divorce From Husband After He Refused Buy a Toilet for 5 Years

Indian Woman Field

An Indian woman has been allowed to divorce her husband on the grounds of physical cruelty for not providing her with a toilet in their home. The woman was forced to defecate in open fields for five years since her husband wasn’t willing to build a toilet in their home. 

According to BBC, women in rural areas often have to wait until sunset to travel to open fields in order to relieve themselves. The state court described the situation as “not only physical cruelty but also outraging the modesty of a woman.”

Japan’s High-Tech Toilets Just Got Cooler

Japan’s high-tech toilets are about to get better with this new idea imposed by the sanitation industry.

Many foreigners have had their minds blown by how impressive Japan’s toilets are. These futuristic and high-tech toilets have lid and seat controls, front and back bidets, flush strength controls and air drying. But as a foreigner who’s in Japan for the first time, it might be difficult to figure how to use these advanced toilets that are far different from the standard flush.  

Chinese Man Sticks Hand in Toilet to Retrieve Phone — Gets into a Crappy Situation

A man from Guandong, China found himself in a sh*tty situation after dropping his phone down a squat toilet in his house.

Firefighters responded to a call at approximately 6:40 a.m. on Wednesday morning about someone trapped in a bathroom, according to Guangzhou Daily Reports (via Shanghaiist). When they broke inside the home, they found a man on the floor of his bathroom with one hand stuck inside his squat toilet.

Japan is Holding a Toilet Design Contest For the Best Reason Ever

A government panel in Japan is currently accepting applications for a toilet design contest in a bid to find the most affordable toilet for the developing world that is both comfortable and safe for women.

Japan has long been a pioneer for luxurious, high-tech toilets equipped with seat warmers and bidet jets. Haruko Arimura, the minister spearheading the campaign for women’s empowerment and the overseer of the project, said: