Why Japanese Public Toilets Are The Best in the World

Japan’s public bathrooms absolutely blow every single country out of the water.
Just look at how awesome looking these urinals are — the sleek design! Did they hire Jony Ive from Apple to design these?!
Disgusting American toilets don’t fly with the Japanese, they have these badass hi-tech-looking thrones fit for a king.
Just look at all these features, I don’t even know what half of them do!
Japanese toilets don’t need those cheap looking toilet seat covers. Instead they have a dispenser that provides alcohol for you to sanitize the seat. That way you know you’re sitting on a clean seat. Plus, you’re also saving paper!
The moment you sit down, the seat quickly warms up so you don’t need to sit on a cold ass seat.
Unlike American toilets, which give you ZERO privacy, Japanese bathrooms are built to make sure you poop in peace.
One you’re done, you can press a button to have a warm stream of pressurized water shoot at your butt to clean you. This not only makes your butt feel cleaner, but you’re saving paper as well!
In certain places, there are also wipes to disinfect your smartphone with!
America, you need to catch up!
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