Foreigner Complains About Vietnam’s ‘Showers,’ But It’s Not a Shower

Foreigner Complains About Vietnam’s ‘Showers,’ But It’s Not a Shower
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
October 26, 2018
A foreigner who took to Facebook to detail his struggle with “showers” in Vietnam has people in disbelief. 
In a post on Oct. 24, Hamish Carruthers shared that he has been staying in Hanoi for almost a week, and he only had one issue of the accommodations.
Image via Facebook / Hamish Carruthers
Alright guys, I’ve been in Hanoi almost a week now and I’m loving [it]. My only complaint is the showers,” Carruthers wrote. “I’m all for saving water but having to hold your finger on the button to keep the water flowing seems a bit extreme.”
Image via Facebook / Hamish Carruthers
The foreigner, seen bending over to wash his hair in an accompanying photo, complained about how “low” Vietnam’s “showers” are and sought for others’ opinion on the matter.
“The cold temperature doesn’t bother me too much but why are they so low? You have to bend down to wash your head. Vietnamese people aren’t that short…
“I’ve tried 2 different hostels now and they both have this style of shower, what are other peoples opinions on the Vietnamese shower?”
Image (Cropped) via Facebook / Hamish Carruthers
The post quickly went viral, garnering over 22,000 reactions, 5,900 shares and 430 comments in just two days.
However, Carruthers has actually been using a bidet shower, a hand-controlled nozzle that delivers water for genital and anal cleansing.
Image via Wikimedia Commons / DavidB4 (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Facebook users educated Carruthers about the actual purpose of the “shower” he has been using.
Others found themselves laughing and scratching their heads at the foreign man’s “complaint.”
It’s unclear if Carruthers was actually pulling a joke, but anyone who has never seen bidet showers should probably check out Japan’s state-of-the-art toilets. One model — featuring a built-in deodorizer, instantly-heated seat and aerated water cleanse — literally takes care of “business” for $11,000.
Feature images via Facebook / Hamish Carruthers
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