Chinese Man Sticks Hand in Toilet to Retrieve Phone — Gets into a Crappy Situation

A man from Guandong, China found himself in a sh*tty situation after dropping his phone down a squat toilet in his house.
Firefighters responded to a call at approximately 6:40 a.m. on Wednesday morning about someone trapped in a bathroom, according to Guangzhou Daily Reports (via Shanghaiist). When they broke inside the home, they found a man on the floor of his bathroom with one hand stuck inside his squat toilet.
According to the man, he went to the bathroom at around 2 a.m. in the morning before dropping his phone in the toilet. He immediately tried to retrieve it by sticking his hand inside, but became stuck.
Unfortunately, the man lived alone and no one heard his cries for help until 5 a.m., when a neighbor heard him. It took another hour for the neighbor to find out what was going on before firefighters were called. The man’s hand had swollen so they were forced to break the toilet to free him.
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